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How many Askville refugees are hanging out on Fluther now?

Asked by YoBob (12823points) March 25th, 2010

Well, Askville has gotten down right depressing lately. I saw mention of Fluther and decided to give it a try. How many old Askville regulars have switched to Fluther?

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I didn’t come from askville, but this site reminds me A LOT of which I’m a veteran of from way back in the day.

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I haven’t been here much lately but do keep reading the afterville posts and some of the AV postings here @YoBob.

Hope you find the locals here as friendly & welcoming as I did when I came.

I’m off to homeschool & housework. Take care all! :)

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This question names a bunch of them.

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I came here from Askville over 18 months ago and it was a very wish choice for sure.

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Welcome to fluther, @YoBob.

I spent one depressing month on Askville in 2008 and followed signs that led me here. I’ve been happy here ever since.

I think there may still be several dozen Askville refugees around, but they are so well integrated that the marks no longer show.

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I joined here August of ‘08. I love it. I was back & forth for a while, but AV just got to the point that I’d get mad every time I went there. Why bother? I can’t remember when I came here to stay, but I’m sure glad I did. I don’t really see a whole lot of AV’ers here anymore really. I was just thinking of this the other day. Some came here & have since left. I agree with Jeruba. Everyone has just kind of blended in. I have so many FB friends that are AV, flutherites & now Answer Baggers, that I have to stop & think who came from where. But it matters not. I love them all.

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Here. But still ‘villing.

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What happened to Askville? Is it anything like what happened on Answerbag?

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The designers of Askville have done some pretty ridiculous things with the forum lately like removing the ability to select topics and relying on a bot (that obviously needs an English as a second language class) to select one and only one topic per question. That combined with other silly interface changes have caused many of the fun people to vanish. I’m hoping to find some of them here.

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@YoBob I’m sorry : ( Answerbag just went to shit in December. They got rid of their leaderboards, experts, they changed their whole format, changed their logo, shrunk the avatars, changed the format of their Q&A and comments, etc etc
Well welcome to fluther. I hope you feel welcome here.

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I arrived here from Askville some 18 months ago. I am still here in between family medical emergencies.

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Askville? What is Askville? Wait. Wait. The memory seems to be digging down deep. Something is coming back. Oh my god! Layyla!

@YoBob You ain’t doin’ me no favors!

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@wundayatta…..LOLLL I could name some names, too. But cheer up. You met ME there! ;-)

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Haven’t been there for a while, I am at home here now.

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I’m trying to get the hang of Fluther. Thanks to jbfletcherfan who linked me to this question. My biggest problem here is that I really prefer to START by engaging in conversations with folks I know from AV and I haven’t figured out how to find them – the questions I mean…I’m not a stalker. LOL

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@cat Yep, I’m still trying to figure it out as well.

I don’t know if it is just that I’m not used to the interface yet, but with Fluther it seems to be more difficult to carry on a “db” type discussion.

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Can anybody tell me how to do the cool @<whatever> links that point back to a specific answer?

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@YoBob – It doesn’t link you to an answer, it just indicates that there’s a comment in a reply and that it’s directed to a specific person. When you type the @ symbol, you should get a dropdown of names of people who have posted in the board. You can choose from the list.

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@YoBobYou’re welcome. Have you tried to other features? Like this and this ?

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@tedibear39 Ok – that makes one more trick I have learned thanks to t-bear. :-)

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This is relatively old, but since AV has come up with even more ridiculous new changes, I was wondering who else was coming over here. That site is now so confusing I have no idea what’s going on. It’s like they custom designed it to be as user unfriendly as possible.

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I think you might have hit the nail on the head keobooks. I believe the unstated goal might have been to force the site to be more of a pure QA site rather than a discussion forum. Unfortunately, it is the discussions (IMHO) where the good stuff happens and it is the questions that drive those discussions. To not allow others to comment on individual answers kind of removed the fundamental feature that made the site worthwhile.

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