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Should I be allowed to rant about God on peoples questions where they are simply asking a religious based question and its obvious that they are not asking to be reformed?

Asked by Pandora (28310points) March 25th, 2010

For those of you who believe in God, please don’t answer. I just asked this question to lure trolls, since they usually make it a point to show up in all God related questions and see it as a necessary format for their own agenda instead of answering the question that wasn’t directed at them. Btw trolls I intend to ignore your agenda. Just thought I give you heads up. But do enjoy your rant.

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you do realize that, according to internet rules, when you post something as a response and/or dig at someone you are pissed at somewhere else, that other person scores a point?

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I think that everyone has the “right” to go on about anything they want as long as it falls within TOS.

However, I think that such rants can be bloody rude at times. It is my right to ignore them.

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@Blondesjon It was one person who inspired this question but I really can’t stand trolls. Got caught by one today and I’m pissed at myself. But I figured I give them a place to go and perhaps some people will get a break and will be able to answer questions while the trolls fall in like flies. I told said person to start their own thread but they wouldn’t so I figure I would do it for them.

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@Pandora It was one person who inspired this question but I really can’t stand trolls.

Calling someone who holds an opposing viewpoint a troll is not only inaccurate, it is an backhand attempt at censorship. People do have very intense feelings regarding issues like religion, it is pointless to raise the subject and not expect such a response.

A troll is someone who only posts in an offensive or contentious manner to outrage, not someone who has a strongly held opinion on an issue and subsequently disagrees with you.

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@DarkScribe I don’t mind opposing viewpoints but said person was trying to belittle me and in effect try to censor myself and others by being offensive and calling people names and being rude. So to me that is a troll. I even wrote to said troll privately in the comment section but they felt entitled to comment on the thread even though it was going off topic. This person simply wanted an audience and I’m not censoring him/her I am only giving them a venue in which to vent and share his or her views. And said person will be staying on topic under this question. Those who really care to know his/or her view are welcomed to come and read it here, instead of having to scroll down through all their rants to be able to answer the question that was actually asked.

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@Pandora I don’t mind opposing viewpoints but said person was trying to belittle me and in effect try to censor myself and others by being offensive and calling people names and being rude. So to me that is a troll.

No, that is just someone being an ass. Some people cannot debate without resorting to abuse or crudity. We do have one newcomer here who falls into that category. When they fall back on that sort of response it is an indication of frustration – i.e., it means that they feel that they are losing a point and haven’t the skill to convince and so resort to abusive or ad hominem comments.

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@DarkScribe Ok, so I stand corrected. My ploy is to lure Mules. LOL
Its so hard to tell though. Trolls and mules look so much alike.

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@Pandora Trolls and mules look so much alike.

Mules have smaller ears – it why they cannot listen before braying.

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@DarkScribe Lmao. That was good.

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Look up the term “Public Forum”.

Unless a post is violating the Terms of Service, anyone can say anything they like. You can choose to ignore it, or fight it.

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I wish you had a link to the troll! How do I find it?

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“For those of you who believe in God, please don’t answer.”

Which God? Yours, mine, or something else?

Can you define God and give two examples please?

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My suggestion is that if a questioner want to ask questions about religion and want only responses by theists, then I suggest that said questioner ask the question on a theistic related forum. Fluther is not, and therefore everybody will answer, including atheists.

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies GA There are many concepts of God. You have one, I have another, and the Vulcan woman three posts above this probably has a third. There will not be uniformity on this issue unless the forum is homogeneous.

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It’s interesting you are asking for support to “rant” on any question about religion but you ask that people who believe in God not respond to your question, I’m getting a whiff of censorious troll.

Of course you may respond to any question, just as people who have beliefs different than yours may. If you choose to “rant” off topic instead give thought provoking and and intelligent answers, you will marginalize yourself and become a joke. The choice is yours.

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Of course they have the right to do it; I in no way support censorship of answers unless the answers go against the guidelines.

But it’s like I said in that other question: this is just a matter of people feeling their opinion is so important that it needs to be heard everywhere, even in places where it isn’t being asked for. No one needs a rant about why God doesn’t exist in a question about the Bible; no one needs a rant about why eating meat is wrong in a question about chicken recipes. These are just people who feel the need to blow their opinion in everyone’s face.

As far as I’m concerned, these off-topic rants just shouldn’t be given the attention they want.

Furthermore, I know the question you are referring to and I don’t think that was the same thing. Just because a question uses the word “God” in it, doesn’t mean that it’s a religious-based question and does not deserve the response of atheists.

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@Rarebear Homogeneous? Are you kidding?

The Religious Right considers Homogeneous Marriage a Sin.

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Homogeneous generally refers to race or ethnicity not gender. For example, Japan has a homogeneous society means there are relatively few people of other races or cultures not that it is a same sex society

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‘twas just a tickle dear.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies LOL Started my day with a smile, thanks!

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@galileogirl Realeyes was kidding

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