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Do you have a favorite County Fair food?

Asked by YoH (1414points) March 25th, 2010

Recently I was discussing foods with a friend and she reminded me of all the foods offered at the county fair when we were kids. Leaving ‘healthy’ out of it, what were or are your favorites?

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Those giant turkey legs.

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Cheesburgers with grilled onions, so greasy!

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Deep fried Snickers bar.

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@filmfann Can you explain what is special about the turkey legs? Is it because of the size?

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Funnel cakes!

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@YoH They are extreamly moist. Often turkey is a bit dry, but the County Fair’s know how to make that extra yummy!

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@filmfann I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve just never noticed turkey. Thanks.

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Oh, and mini donuts!

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Super Pretzels.

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Since we’re avoiding health issues, I’m going with a greasy corn dog.

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Younger days it was corn dogs. Wouldn’t touch them now with all the fat content.

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sausage and onions on a bun

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So simple but Carmel Apples! Yum!

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Funnel cakes and french fries.

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@RedPowerLady As long as they’re freshly dipped.

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@Rarebear —- Mmmm… Freshly… Dipped…..

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Elephant Ears!!!

Carmel Apples!!!

Burgers are the best at fairs

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Deep fried onion flowers. And frozen bananas dipped in chocolate.

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