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Where can I find a good picture of the Sistine Chapel ceiling?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16548points) March 26th, 2010

I’m looking for a full length picture of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (not just The Creation of Adam) in high resolution. I have been trawling various searches on Google Images and only come up with a few that show partial areas, are low resolution or are not from directly underneath. Can you please help me find a good picture?

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Wikipedia has photos of it at a decent resolution.
Here‘s the left half of the ceiling, and here‘s the right half.
Does that help?

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This website here has very good pictures also.

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Life Magazine put out a coffee table book my mother had. it had a beautiful two page spread of it.

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@Fyrius That is looking good so far thanks, but I can’t tell just yet because my internet is so bloody slow tonight.

@Bluefreedom Also a great link, thanks!

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Look at this to see what you want. It is a virtual model of the whole space, and it is AWESOME, [Do note the copyright medallion in the exact middle of the floor]. Then you could try contacting the Vatican gift shops to see if you can buy a high res digital file to print out whatever size you want

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@anartist That is wonderful, thank you!

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@anartist Bah you beat me to it!

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