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Who is the most attractive chick-President?

Asked by Razor (24points) March 8th, 2008

Razor would like to know what girl-president is in your opinion most attractive/seductive/sexy/charismatic. Here’s a long list of chick Heads-of-State:

-Mary McAleese (Ireland)
-Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (Philippines)
-Tarja Halonen (glbT) (Finland)
-Micheline Calmy-Rey ( Swiss Confederation)
-Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (Liberia)
-Michelle Bachelet (Chile)
-Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (Argentina)

Thats all.

PLEASE NOTE: Excluded from the list are chick Prime Ministers (Angela Merkel,Gordon Brown etc).
ALSO NOTE: Excluded are imposters and usurpers nobody has elected, i.e. females who call themselves “queens”. Also, female and shemale generals and “governors” torturing and terrorizing some Carribean islands on behalf and in the name of “queens” are also excluded from the list.

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I know you said no Prime Ministers (for reasons I don’t understand), but I’ll post this anyway. Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard was recently voted “second sexiest woman of the year” by Ralph magazine, who even offered her $50 000 to pose in a bikini. I really don’t see what the appeal in her is… plus, she has one of the most annoying voices ever…

Also, you say that…
“Excluded from the list are chick Prime Ministers (Angela Merkel,Gordon Brown etc).”

You feel the need to specify that Gordon Brown is inelegible? Wouldn’t he already be excluded from any list involving females? Also, Merkel is Chancellor of Germany, not Prime Minister.

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Sexist much? And do you often refer to yourself in the third person?

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You people are too serious.

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We get irritated when a querent refers to women as “chicks, shemales, girl-president” Or at least I do. We admire elegance ,clarity, originality, humor that is actually funny and the ability to not use six words where one would do.

What’s the last office you have held? How do you look in a speedo? Is your speaking voice mellifluous and engaging?

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1. I cannot beleive noone noticed there are only 7 female heads-of -state in the world.(PMs change frequently so they are not listed).
2. The question above is tagged ” i am not a chauvinist”.
3. Noone noticed that, unfortunately, there are ladies (I call them shemale generals and “governors”) who are commiting crimes against humanity by terrorising some colonies in the Carribean (perhaps they look nice in a speedo as someone observed, but to me they are a disgrace to human kind.
4. I actually like the term “girl-president”. My favorite singer is Pink (she’s a Woman,btw), and she has that song called “Stupid Girl”.

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Yes, I should have realized that you can refer to women as ‘chicks,’ so long as you say outright that you are not a chauvinist. How silly of us all to make such libelous accusations. Keep backpedaling, it’s okay.

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I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a “girl-president.” I’m picturing some Disney film with Hannah Montana in the oval office. I’m sure you meant no offense, but would you have referred to any of the world’s male leaders as “boy-presidents”? Well maybe our current one if you were speaking of maturity or intelligence level.

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But what ABOUT Gordon Brown?
And who ARE these Speedo-wearing torture-ladies of the Caribbean?

it seems like no one cares who’s the cutest, we all just want to leap on poor Razor’s
case. But Razor, this is Fluther – you should have known what you were walking into.

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