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Do you see a Star of David inside the regular recycling symbol?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10293points) March 26th, 2010

The triangular, most common, recycling symbol seems to have a recessed Star of David hiding in there. Is this some hidden meaning about zionism? Perhaps nothing at all and a mere coincidental thing that happens in the presence of triangular shapes?

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Uhh, wow. That’s a little far-fetched.

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this is the symbol to which I refer.

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Note: In that wiki article, negative space is mentioned about the Taiwanese symbol.

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I know the symbol well. I suppose if you’re really looking for it, you can vaguely find the star of David.

So I suppose the color wheel is a Jewish conspiracy as well?

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Well the color wheel arguably needs to be arranged in that manner. It is appropriate to arrange it so. The recycling symbol, on the other hand, is entirely arbitrary. I am not saying I think that it was intended, I am asking what others think!

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My apologies. I suppose you meant it as an innocent question.
But looking at the topics it’s under I had just assumed you were a looney conspiracy theorist.

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Yeah, I guess I can see it. Probs just a coincidence. On another note, I just discovered the other day that the Tostitos logo incorporates two people eating salsa!! :D

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Never did until now – this is a conspiracy to turn a Christian nation into Israel! rolls eyes

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@crazyzo2000 yes, I did not see that! lol

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Those Jews sure do love used plastic bottles.~

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Damn. You’re right. You found us out. We plan on taking all the plastic bottles and building a giant recycled plastic Golem to take over the world.

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Matzohs contain 20% recycled materials.

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@eponymoushipster Well, it’s a well known fact that matzoh is made out of cardboard.

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@Rarebear see? it’s a well-known fact.

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The combination of the Star of David with the Recycle symbol shows God’s plan:
Take a Jew, Leave a Jew.

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You can see a swastika in the taiwanese symbol more easily than a star in the western one.
But seriously, wat…

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Anyways, I prefer this one.

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It’s definitely there, in the negative space, and in fact I’ve made the same observation, but I wouldn’t go the conspiracy mentality route. To a bored person, or someone who enjoys the realm of imagination, it has the appearance of meaning. But what really has meaning as far as shapes, and symbols, are the platonic shapes: anything can be made out of them, that’s the power they hold, that’s why they are meaningful things to contemplate visually, that’s why they occur to us so naturally, whether it’s the guy who drew it originally, or the guys that notice that shape in the negative space.

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I like this one personally. Is it a rabbit, or a duck?

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It is a rabbit.
But that is my sexual preference speaking there.

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No I don’t.

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Are you suggesting that recycling is a mitzvah? Or that recycling is a get-rich scheme run by a cartel of Jewish junkmen? Or that as it’s a born-again Christian, it’s your duty litter?

What exactly is your point?

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A duck
But that is my preference for obscure Monty Python lines speaking there.

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@filmfann The duck is made of wood.

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No, I’ve never seen a Star of David (hexagram, geometrically) in the recycling symbol until just now, when you suggested it.

OK, if you look at the negative space / ground behind the figure, there’s an imperfect 6-pointed shape but the dominant symmetry is 3-fold / 120 degrees. There are 3 arrows folded in space to form an equilateral triangle—a pretty fundamental graphic / spatial element.

Yet what if we agree that, on further scrutiny, there’s an embedded Star of David in the recycling symbol? Is it a deliberate, intended message? Might it betray the presence of a Jewish / Zionist / pro-Israel / Liberal / Commie / Leftist / Anarchist / New World Order / anti-Christian conspiracy? (In this scenario the bad guys, eschewing discretion & subtlety, drop this well-observed hint to their identity.)

Perhaps it’s a subliminal technique: You’re not supposed to see the Star of David but it nonetheless insinuates itself into your subconscious: Buy Israel bonds. Contribute to United Jewish Appeal. Become a rabbi.

Get real, lol

In your own words: …nothing at all and a mere coincidental thing that happens in the presence of triangular shapes.

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Oh, it’s there. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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@zen_ He found out our secret. We must alert the Mossad.

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Wow, recycling is a Jewish plot! Are you taking your meds?

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