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What are some underrated disaster movies?

Asked by irondavy (727points) March 26th, 2010

I’m not talking about aliens, or zombies, or anything supernatural.

I want natural disasters, science disasters, power outages, disease… Shipwrecks/plane crashes/etc. are okay too, but not as interesting.

First person to say Titanic gets a boring rebuttal from yours truly.

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Children of Men.

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Post apocalypse is a genre all its own. I don’t mean to be a stickler about this, but a disaster movie is about the disaster happening not life after it.

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Ishtar was a disastrous movie and was poorly rated. Does that count?

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Right at your door. Dirty bombs get set off in downtown l.a., wife is there, husband has to seal up the house, she returns after. Unbelievable ending.

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Testament showed a town devastated by nuclear fallout.

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This underrated film from 1951 is a low budget masterpiece.
More post-apocalyptic than disaster perhaps.

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There aren’t any. I had to put my poor brain through the ringer to come up with any that I thought were even good at all, and the only one I can think of is Outbreak, which I probably wouldn’t be so fond of if I’d read the book.


The Towering Inferno. It had an all-star cast, and it was one of the few believable disaster movies of the 70s. It’s pretty terrifying even today when I watch it.

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I second Children of Men.
Also, Deep Impact.

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Star Wars episode 1.

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fahrenheit 911
It documented the demise of the US

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There aren’t any in my memory, but they still most likely exist

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Outbreak terrified me as a child, but it always sucked me back in.

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I have only seen overrated disaster movies – I doubt that the other kind exist.

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Storm Chasers: Revenge of the Twister
The Perfect Storm

I have a thing for tornadoes and wild weather, so the first two of these movies are great because of the weather footage. The Perfect Storm is based on a true story, and with Volcano, what’s not to like about Tommy Lee Jones?

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The Andromeda Strain.Oh & any remake of British Classics,The Italian Job,Get Carter etc.Now they are fucking disastrous.

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Nuts I cant hit great answer more than once for Disaster Movie. Actually have that one on DVD

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oops, someone already answered The Andromeda Strain. How do you delete an answer?

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I don’t think of The Andromeda Strain as disaster flick nor underrated. I think it got decent accolades.

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