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Can women really not control their hormones?

Asked by Blackberry (33968points) March 29th, 2010

I’m just asking because sometimes it seems like when a man is angry and does something out of line or inappropriate, we better check ourselves quick. But if a woman is having a bad day or is upset, it’s like ‘Oh get outta her way!!’, or ‘she can do what she wants, it’s just her hormones, deal with it..’. Are these types of people actually unable to control their emotions and hormones or is it a facade?

I’m not going to apologize or anything for asking this question either, I’m really curious.

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No one controls their hormones.

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No one can control hormones. Maybe one can control the effects of hormones.

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It is possible to manage a hormone imbalance through aids like hormone therapy, diet, exercise, counseling, awareness, and self-restraint.

As with any problem, communication is key. That, and getting the person to understand and acknowledge that they have a problem.

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Men have their own version of PMS. It’s from low testosterone. Here’s a good article about it.

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As someone who’s only recently begun to experience hormonally-based mood shifts around her period, I’d say it’s hard to control the irritability but it is certainly possible to realize the days when this issue comes up and be aware of it and how it’s affecting what you’re doing. It’s not an excuse, shouldn’t be used as one, but can be helpful as an explanation for why things seem so extreme.

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It’s the best excuse ever and I’m going to have to stick with it.Lmao! :)

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No living being of any species controls its hormones.

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Nobody can control his/her hormones. It’s an involuntary body system (the endocrine system) in the human body. There are things you can do to curb your reaction to hormones as @mcbealer has said. Also, people can become “addicted” to certain chemical reactions in their bodies. What that means is, if a person is constantly easily agitated and his/her body is used to releasing adrenaline (and throwing things across the room, bitching out his/her roommate or spouse, etc) then, the body is more likely to want to return to that state again and again. It’s not just anger, or PMS, or whatever, it’s happiness, excitement (thrill seekers), sadness, etc. Humans are meant to experience a range of emotions, that’s why it’s healthy to let out a good cry sometimes, just as it’s good to laugh, or to be angry, or to be pensive sometimes. But if we’re stuck in a rut, we need help because the effect snowballs until it’s a real problem. So, if someone in your life has a problem with showing a range of emotions, maybe she needs help. Maybe you could offer that help, rather than rolling your eyes and just wanting her to get over it. If she does show a range of emotions and isn’t like that 90% of the time, then she’s probably expressing herself in a healthy way. If she’s destructive or abusive during the peak hormonal times in that other 10%, then maybe she needs help managing her reactions. That’s not a hormonal problem, that’s a psychological one which may require anger management or some other therapy.

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@ubersiren Thanks for the ‘GA’.

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There’s no excuse for rude behavior of any gender, regardless of one’s hormones, or what day of the month it is, or how bad a day was.

People can control some of the outward effect of the torture that is within them, for the sake of others.

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Evening Primrose Oil certainly helped me control the rage that bubbled in me due to PMS. Women have to actively look for help if hormones are affecting their lives too much.

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In the words of my ex girlfriend:

“any woman who blames her actions on hormones is just looking for an excuse to act like a bitch”

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@Blackberry Sigh…
The worst offender for not controlling their emotions is a man. He blames it on his anger problem. As in: You shouldn’t piss me off, you know I have anger issues.
I do feel snippy when I get my period, that’s one way I know it’s coming. But I think a hormonal imbalance that causes one to act in a manner that is contrary to one’s personality otherwise probably needs to be addressed with medication. To blame it on the monthly visit from Aunt Flo is a cop out.

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I just thought I was a mean person, until I got my hormones under control. No one knew any different until I fixed the problem. If someone is emotionally miserable (for no evident reason), there very well could be a chemical/hormonal cause.

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No one can control their hormones, as mentioned by others above, but really it is up to the women on how she handles these hormones and emotions.
You’ve got to have a level of understanding, yes, because it can be difficult to handle for the woman. Try not to add fuel to the fire, either, like arguing back, because that’ll make her feel worse.
Just try to step back and let her manage it.

So yeah, get out of her way. Or at least don’t upset her. Ha-ha.

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Not too long ago, I started using a steroid cream to help a skin condition. I was surprised by the anger issues I suddenly had that morning. Now, when I use the cream, I need to remember to control myself. It is hard, but I try.
So, I believe they can try to control the emotional problems brought on by hormone imbalance, but I empathize with the struggle to do so.

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Most of the time people can’t control their hormones, especially when it has to do with basic physiological needs. However, our thinking can influence our brain chemistry which includes neurotransmitters and neurohormones. For example if you mistake a bend twig for a rattle snake or how to behave during an earthquake. More important is how we deal with stress. Good thinking can have an effect and less cortisol will flood our bodies. So it’s not true that no one controls their hormones.

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As a woman I would say women usually use hormones as an excuse unless they are pregnant. That is a whole entirely new can of worms. If your partner will not allow you to have your bad days and attitude problems she is an idiot. I have my bad days and so does the father of my child. We live with eachothers crazy moments and just let one another vent. That is how relationships work it would be selfish for me to have hormonal moments and not let someone else.

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