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Do you make a lot of plans? And how is your routine schedule looking?

Asked by Just_Justine (6486points) March 30th, 2010

I hate making plans. By Thursday at work everyone is already making plans for the weekend.

I could say that I was put off plans by working in a corporate environment for many years and a strict diary. I tend to think “what if I really do not feel like a flaming picnic on Sunday morning?” When Sunday morning arrives. Or what if eating lunch with Jane and Janet is the last thing I feel like doing when the time arrives. (Poking my eyeballs out might be a better bet when feeling that way).

Heaven forbid you ask me to make a date with you in two weeks time. I just stare at the person in stunned silence.

What is the good side of plans? I know the down side is I hardly go anywhere for example. But is there a bigger plan within plan making? Meaning if you can plan and arrive at a picnic then surely you can plan to make that life long trip a reality, that career move available, meet the man of your dreams one can hope So by minimizing the small plans are we sabotaging our lives. Plus how do plans effect routine? are you a routine person and why? Would love to take a peek into peoples plan making and routine strategies. I find it inspiring!

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Plans are for business. They should be kept to a minimal for fun occasions. If you’ve got any soul in you at all, you don’t need to schedule your fun.

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Other than travel or an occasional pre-determined invitation to something I find interesting or fun I am not one that likes to make plans. I prefer to do what I want when the spirit moves me.

I’m not one to adhere to any sort of rigid schedule.

I just had a similar discussion with a friend the other day, she is one of those neurotic, frantic….must always squeeze in the one more thing type. Ugh!

I think a lot of ‘planning’ can borderline on a neurotic need to control every minute of one’s life & schedule.

Some planning can be valuable obviously, when it comes to throwing a party or a wedding or a travel destination, but, all in all, I prefer the more spontanious approach to life. I am not always perfectly disciplined with my unstructured style, but then again I don’t spend much time at all second guessing commitments or having to retract from such. lol

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The anticipation when you make plans is what I love – that can sometimes be more fun than the plan itself.

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@hug_of_war hmm hadn’t thought of that

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Plans are great and allows you to accomplish things and activities that would otherwise be impossible. Plus always having plans allows you to say in all honesty you have already have plans on the same day as the MIL birthday party or the 5th tupperware party of the month! My dance card is filled 2 years in advance just to be safe!

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hahaha… don’t look at me. I used to plan. I loved planning. Then my husband’s unpredictable job happened, his demanding ex who now also travels for her job and a child of our own. Now, I’m lucky if I can schedule a trip to the shower with any certainty.

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I plan to make plans, but somehow my plan to make plans doesn’t seem to get past the planning stage. I plan to look into why I have trouble getting my planning plans past the planning stage if I can only work out what stage my plan to plan about planning is at. It is all very simple really – or at least that is what I tell my wife when she ask whether I have made plans yet.

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The only time I plan around anything is when I have to make appointments for the Doctor or Dentist or take my cars for their annual service, stuff like that, the rest of the time everything is pretty random, If I want to go away I’ll leave it until the last possible minute then look on late rooms for accommodation, I never plan in advance as something always crops up to put the mockers on it! :-/

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As someone who is alittle too spur of the moment…I’d have to say plans are good.Very good.Less room for “incidents”.;)

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@lucillelucillelucille Can never be too careful…never know when that Xmas Rhino makes a surprise visit!

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I have to plan if I have already accepted an invitation, but if my time is my own, then I act on impulse.
That way it is much more exciting, because I never know what I am going to do LOL

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@Cruiser -I plan to cook it if it shows up at my door ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille You are so cruel! Watch out for PITA if you do! ;)

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@Pita bread? Love it! ;)

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NAH live life spontaneously :)

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The good thing about plans is that you can ignore them as long as you don’t let someone else down. If you agree to go to a pot luck picnic, and don’t show up, they won’t get the food you agreed to bring.

With no planning, you might want to drive to the park and have a picnic with your friends, and you stop off at the store on your way over there to pick up some sodas to share, but when you get there, you are all alone, because they had their picnic scheduled last week.

With no planning, people get in their car in the valley on a nice, warm, sunny day and head for the mountains. When they get half way there, they have to turn around and go back because they have no chains and the roads are too snowy to continue. Plus, they didn’t bring any coats or jackets and they are wearing sandals on their feet. Don’t laugh, this happens every week end in the Spring here.

With no plans, what would I do when my son comes over with his wife, 2 kids and mother in law and says “We were doing our weeks shopping and got hungry, is it OK if we come in for dinner?” (They have an open invitation) So I just go to my very well planned cupboard and get enough food to feed the five extra people – no problem – because I plan ahead, just in case.

I can’t imagine no planning. What about when I wanted to go to the museums last Monday, so I did some research on the internet and found out they close on Mondays. I would have driven all that way for nothing. When relatives wanted to fly up, they asked me to get the tickets and the motel, because I love planning ahead, and I’ve been doing the travel plans for years. I also looked online and found out there was a special event at Sutter’s Fort, which we would have missed without planning ahead.

What I didn’t know was my niece wanted to see a new movie that just came out. If only she would have told me, we could have planned ahead, and she wouldn’t have missed it. The tickets were already sold out by the time she asked about it.

Here’s what happened because I didn’t plan ahead – When everybody finished swimming, they were hungry, so we decided to arrangements to meet at a Hawaiian Buffet restaurant near by. When we got there, we found out it was no longer open, so we looked on the Blackberry for another near-by restaurant. It was also closed, and here were are six hungry adults and four hungry kids in two cars all laughing ourselves silly – So instead of the low cost buffet, we ended up at the expensive Outback and blew our restaurant budget for the next two days.

I went home and made up a very nice cold cut, cheese, fruit platter out of the food I have in my refrigerator, and we ate for “free” the next day.

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No plans, tight schedule during the day. Ergo, I like my time off to be MINE.

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I make very few plans… almost none. I spend many days now doing things that don’t make a hill of beans difference in my life either way like some home-improvement project. Then one day I make a plan, hire some people, and spend 16 hours per day 7 days per week on it lamenting the fact that I can’t get enough people in on Christmas day. After however many months that plan takes I stop and do nothing much again.

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@YARNLADY your plan idea is enough to make me a plan o holic good point!!

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