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How do I speak to financial aid about a suspension of benefits?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) March 30th, 2010

This is the story. I was unable to get into the Pharm Tech program at a certain 2 year college in SW Washington. It was full. I did what the other 40 people waiting to get in did and took a overview class. My financial aid did not pay for it and promptly dropped me from the class 6 weeks in. They only paid for the other class I took which was online for basic computer applications. Excell, Powerpoint, Word, etc. This left me with 3 credits total. I haven’t a restriction on my pell grant that I have to go full time or half time. The rest of my money goes to other students at the school, which is weird.

Classes start on the 5th of April and I got a letter today(March 30th) saying that my financial aid has been suspended until I take and pay for 5 credits out of pocket. I didn’t take enough credits, apparentally. I really can’t ask anybody to pay for classes. My parents, god love’em, already paid for Fall term. This term is 1,300 dollars. My only options right now are robbing a bank or going to financial aid and getting an explination and result. I’ve had a problem every term with them and I really need some hope that it will be okay. I can be extremely persistant. But I really think I’m just going to walk into the office and be a pushover with the old “it’s not my rules, I just work here” bit.
Please, does anyone have any advice or stories that are relavent to my sitiation? Remember this is the school’s policy, not the goverment’s. Help.

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Why not tell them exactly what you’ve told us?
If you get the “it’s not my rules…” line, reply with “you’re a representative of the organization I’m having this issue with. I need answers. Can you direct me to someone who can address my concerns?”

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Just go to financial aid and turn on the charm. In my experience, the Fin. Aid ppl have attitudes because they are dealing with idiot students all day.

Greet them with a smile and get them to identify with you rather than shut you out b/c they feel like you’re just another complainer. Tell them you love college and feel lucky to be able to take classes.

Someone will help you.

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Are you sure you don’t have a restriction to how many credits you must take? I know to even get a Pell Grant, I have to go “half time” which is minimum of six credits.

Definitely go to the financial aid office and get some answers. That’s what they’re there for.

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I’ve had many problems with financial aid, one person would tell me I was all set, then several months went by and they said i wouldnt be able to do spring if i didnt turn in a form, all i needed was a form, then i needed it signed, which no one told me, then i needed another form, then another school i registered for messed with my information. I know how that feels.

It sounds like you should be able to come out ok, because it sounds like you’re not at fault to me. You took as many classes as you could with the financial aid money provided and got as many credits as you could, and they’re saying it wasn’t enough credits? Thats bullshit, you’re doing everything you can. They should know you are using financial aid (to the fullest possible) because school is expensive and not everyone has rich parents who will pay for all their classes. Thats a catch-22; just be honest about your dilemma; tell them you don’t know what to do, and you sincerely need their help, and ask if there is an “appeal” or “dispute” form of some kind. Just ask them what they can do to help you solve this problem and get you back in school, thats their job.

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The letter says it’ll have to go through an Review Committee that only meets once a month. Then, maybe. I dunno. I’m not hopeful, but I should be.

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You should be fine I think, I’ve had lots of “problems” with financial aid, and there wasn’t one that couldn’t be solved. There were miscommunications, and we solved it by following procedure, and I think you can do the same thing. College isn’t just something to give up on, it can change your life, you’ll be a lot more well off, and you’ll have a specific idea, and specific job, for what you love. That school and everyone in it, has only one function: get you a degree. Let them do their job which is to make sure you have the opportunity to graduate! I find it hard to believe that there isnt a solution; I mean whats the problem? Someone needs financial aid to get credits, so give him financial aid and he’ll get credits! i mean duh lol. I really hope it works out for you cause the world is scary without support.

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