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Why are poop jokes popular?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) March 31st, 2010

I dont understand why this is. I sit on my throne daily and it’s really not that funny.

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Well, my first thought is that people are just stupid, but that’s not exactly the case. Even Dante Alighieri and Shakespeare were not above cracking a shit joke every now and then. Greek playwrights and poets loved scatological humor as well, and some of their writings are absolutely shocking, even by today’s standards.

I guess there is just this certain part of the human psyche that is satisfied by a good poop joke.

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The dead baby joke thread here is a good example that people will joke about anything.

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@TheOnlyException Didn’t R.E.M sing that?

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Because laughing at poop is easier than being disgusted by it I guess.

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I haven’t an idea. To me, going poop is scary, so much can go wrong. Maybe that’s it though, making funny out of something so potentially volatile?

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LOL he called the shit, poop – Billy Madison reference

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the brown note

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I haven’t an idea. To me, going poop is scary, so much can go wrong.
See that’s funny. Imagining you on the pot in some terrific neurosis about God knows what…What can go wrong LOL..Clogging the bowl?

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Yes but, you are probably not taking into account the guy that went to his doctor and complained that everything that he ate ” passed straight through him ” and that if he “ate beef – he would shit beef ” and if he ” ate pork – he would shit pork ” and if he ” ate soup then (whoa) – he would shit soup!!.
The doctor thought about this for a moment and then said – ” eat shit. ”

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Poop sometimes is sneaky, I mean it could start out smooth & gentle and then surprise you with a explosive finish. If you’re not in your own home then this could be embarassing and even messy. Sometimes you don’t eat well and poop wants to hurt you- it’s always those times other people are in a hurry for the bathroom or you find yourself with not enough tissue or bathroom spray, ugh. Clogging a toilet? What could be worse okay, overflowing it would be worse but seriously, it’s all a drag.

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“hehe you said poop”

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Beats the shit out of me.

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I agree. Farts are much funnier.

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My 6 year old daughter says it’s because “people like gross stuff”.

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@pallen123 I believe your daughter is correct. My Grandson was recently given a book from the Grossology series by Sylvia Branzel, and Grossology became a TV series.

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because it’s the only joke that’s popular on Fluther anymore.

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The same reason why sex jokes are funny. All that shit’s supposed to be private, yo!

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i dunno, cuz in my opinion they stink… :)

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some smartypants I don’t recall who said the essence of humor is surprise and I think it is surprising when someone brings up a ‘naughty’ subject (OMG! you’re Not supposed to say ‘poop’! in “polite” society) but as pointed out Everybody Poops and the subject is harmless enough that it’s not offensive.

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