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Suggested answers for interview questions?

Asked by ashxmy_lovee (161points) March 31st, 2010

There are just a few questions that I would absolutely have no clue on how to answer if I was asked them.
They are: why I want to work there, how I could contribute, what I would do to raise the sales.
Please help give me some advice.

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Practice those questions. For any interview, “umm” and “uhh” should never come of out your mouth ever. Basically if you can speak well and seem interested in being there you’ll do well.

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If you really do not know the answers to those questions you don’t want a job there…keep looking!

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Well, why do you want to work there and how could you contribute? Ask some friends or family (or us!) what they think of your honest answers, then you can work on spicing them up. It’s okay to embellish a little, but you want to be honest and don’t sound fake or canned.

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Unless the job is with walmart or something than you can say that you are looking for a company where you can grow in knowledge and advance and you believe that this company can help you with your future goals.
How would you contribute depends on your specialized skills, sense of commitment and creative abilities. If you tend to think out of the box, you can give an example of how your style of thought help out at your previous job or current job.
How would you raise sales depends on how much you already know about their business. If you don’t know enough, its ok to say that you would first have to observe to determine what else can be done, and what has already been done and failed. But that you intend to give it your full attention. You can give a few examples of thing that you think may work but again only if you really know what has been tried. Do not try to squash anything that is already being attempted. Some of the ideas that are not working may actually be ideas of people in the room. A little modesty is ok to have during an interview. Just be confident. Good luck. I hope this helped.

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A great interview question you should think of: What is/are your weaknesses. Over 80% of people can’t answer that. I love asking it ;)

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What inspires you, that you and your prospective employer have in common? For example, do you both stress integrity? Another way you could say it is what is it about your career that you really enjoy, are proud of etc? Would they appreciate that attribute if you took a job with them? For any interview questions, you have to know about the company, so learn all you can about it before you tackle any of your interview questions.

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dont badmouth a former employer…......

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If you can’t answer those questions, you are applying for the wrong job.

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1. I need the money and I am good at what I do.
2. See answer 1.
3. See answer 1.

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If you don’t know why you want to work at a place, you probably should not be interviewing with them.

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Firstly, you should know the information about the company you will interview, like the company culture. Then say what you want to say,take relax, the real you is the best.

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