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Do you think I'm expecting to much of my roomie?

Asked by mrrich724 (8537points) March 31st, 2010

Last year, my lease was supposed to end April 2010 (this month). But then my friend moved to Los Angeles and needed a place to live. I offered to move into a bigger unit so he could have a place to stay without having to spend tons of money and live by himself.

In effect, my lease was extended to November 2010. He knows my plan was to move back to Florida when my lease was over, and that I was “sacrificing” by extending my lease.

Yesterday, our mutual friend said he was moving out of his place due to an infestation, and he said he was willing to take over my half of the lease so I can go home to FL.

When I asked my current roomie if he was ok with the situation, he said “let me think about it” and said he’d tell me on Saturday.

Do you think he should oblige, make a small sacrifice and live with the mutual friend for 6 months, just like I was willing to sacrifice when I didn’t know this opportunity would present itself?

Or do you think I am wrong to ask this of him?

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You are not wrong to ask, but your current roommate should not be required to say yes. Perhaps he has valid reasons to not agree.

Added – Check your lease, does it allow you to sublease or do you have to get permission from the leasing agent to sublet?

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As long as you found someone to meet your requirements of the lease and that your lease allows for it, you should go back to Florida, regardless of what the other roommate wants.

You aren’t wrong to ask him because you do not even have to ask. You asked out of politeness, which I give you points, but even if he says no, it isn’t okay, you shouldn’t feel like you have to stay. Good luck :)

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Well here is a detail I forgot to add.

The place allows me to transfer my half of the lease to someone else. However, all parties have to agree (and I’m assuming most importantly) including the origninal person who is staying (i.e. HIM)

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@mrrich724 I would find out what ‘all parties’ meant. Does it just mean you and the person who is taking over your lease as would be my assumption or does it actually mean you, the person taking over the lease and the roommate the person taking over the lease will be moving in with. If it means the latter, then sorry to say, you have to do as your roommate dictates and it is their right to say no. If the former, then I would say as long as you are fine with it and the person taking over your lease is cool, then go to Florida :)

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If you do transfer the lease and go, make sure you do it with the leasing agent too. Otherwise you may be stuck with repair costs that are due to your roommate and the new tenant.

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Well it means me and the person I am currently living with. It was already clarified to me. Obviously the person taking it over is willing (at least I hope obviously, LOL)


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I think this guy is holding you ransom after you did him a favour. He’s not getting kicked out, you’re just moving out and someone, a friend of his and yours, is moving in. I think he’s being a dick. You stayed in LA, took on a co-lease situation with him as a favour. Now, you want to leave and found someone to take over your half of the lease, and it’s only for 6 months. Would he rather make you stay those 6 months (which won’t be pleasant, I could assume) or take his chances with living with a friend he already knows for 6 months. If he’s a real friend, he won’t hold you back.

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I hope you learn your lesson from this.

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I can certainly see where you are coming from. It would have been the courteous thing to do to accept on the spot. That being said, it’s not unreasonable for him to ask for a couple of days to mull it over either….. 6 of one, half a dozen of the other really.

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Was it you or Chris that threw a broomstick through his door as if it were a javelin? Let him know you mean business. Then call me when you’re in Fl.

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