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Starbucks announces new 128fl oz size cup. Outrageous?

Asked by meagan (4670points) March 31st, 2010

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(Photos included in the link. Must see.)

Plenta™ (128 fl oz) and Micra™ (2 fl oz) cups arrive in Starbucks stores this Fall.

Could you really imagine paying for 128fl oz’s of coffee? Or drinking it all? Who could possibly need all of this coffee!?

Is America slowly crawling back to it’s supersized roots?

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It’s April, fools.

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@Megan64 LOL. I didn’t even think about thaaaaaaaaaaat. They totally got me.

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Yeah,right ! like they are going to give coffee in a popcorn bucket !

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Haha, some people wouldn’t be able to carry that much weight probably.

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It’s not as outrageous as Google’s new service. Such cheap prices.

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More outrageous would be the $18.99 they would charge for it if this was real.

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My college roommate would probably buy one. A 3 lb can would last him about 6 days, 4 if it was finals week.

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Is the one with the little white string hanging out Lord Gaga’s?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard $18.99 sounds reasonable, actually. 128 fl oz is about 10 tall coffees.

Edit: My bad. I’m thinking in terms of Canadian pricing.

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It’s a pot of coffee. You can already get that from them in a box.

When you want to create a society of addicts, you’ve got to push your shit on them big!

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I doubt that’s gonna happen with starbucks (you know, with the large size of the cup and all. And having people carrying it around as well)….

If it does…. the cup size won’t be the only thing that is outrageous….just imagine how much the price might be o_O


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why are u guys still not evolved enough to realise that the METRIC system is more efficient than using your great,geat,great,great grand pappys shoesize as a standard ???

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I wish we would go to metric completely in the US, we’re juggling two systems as it is now.

Selling a coffee that size is ridiculous, unless you’re going to carry it in an insulated flask. The price they’ll have to charge will turn most people away.

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I’d go in and ask for some empty ones then use them as the article suggests. Who couldn’t use a Starbucks lampshade or planter?!?!

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No amount of coffee is outrageous no matter the day of the year. Period.

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Oh, I see the flooding of many kidneys in the near future. Crazy.

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@benpretty_lillyim good lookin’ out!

besides, can you imagine spilling one of THOSE on your lap while driving?

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I would actually buy the Micra, because that’s all the coffee I need. I’ve never been to a Starbucks though, so I don’t know if they have a double shot or something.

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@Fenris Double shots are usually served in an 8 oz “short” cup. But I used to ask for them in a sample cup, which is the same size as this “Micra”.

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I’ve never liked Starbucks anyway, the espresso tastes burnt!

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