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Does Bob Dylan have a succesor in this day ?

Asked by Odysseus (2751points) April 1st, 2010

I’m worried that I may be missing out on a lyrically genius musician in our day and age.

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No worries, @Odysseus…There is no one who will ever replace Dylan…

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I’m ashamed to say I’ve never listened to Bob Dylan. I know nothing of his lyrics, social/political views, nothing.

A high school teacher told me once that I “would be an advocate of Bob Dylan”. Can someone explain what that might mean?

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When I think of Dylan, I think of lyrics more than music, and his lyrics not only tell a story, but they ebb and flow and go in a million directions, they challenge traditional rhyme schemes but still rhyme, and they manage to express things in a roundabout way that is somehow more direct than just saying what you mean. They are clever and insightful and structurally they stand in a class by themselves.

I have to say, though I have far more respect for rock than for rap in general, and am a fan of far more rock music than rap music, Dylan’s lyrics were/are poetic, they could have been spoken instead of sung (and at times you can’t reallly call what Dylan did “singing” per se). I feel that his lyrics have far more in common with the cream of the crop in rap, because rap is such a lyrical form of musical expression, often times the music is simply a clever re-mixing and as such does not require the melodic talents or the virtuousity of rock and roll. And to me, Dylan’s music is very much a simple mixture of things that have worked in the past, I don’t feel as though his tunesmanship has much to do with his fame…if you were to listen to instrumental tracks of Dylan recordings, I suspect it would be rather boring.

As such, I have to say, now that I’ve laid down my caveats, that Eminem, love him or hate him, is about the only “MC” whose lyrics I appreciate on the same level as Dylan’s. Now obviously Eminem is not nearly as prolific as Dylan, but if you look at the way he can turn a phrase, it’s really quite impressive. Now rock has and has had great lyricists, I’m thinking Jack White is a great lyricist as was Kurt Cobain, and in many ways I like their music even better than either Dylan or Eminem, but it’s that almost stream of consciousness, flowing, rambling sort of vibe that both Dylan and Eminem share.

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Outstanding, dalepetrie !

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I like Leonard Cohen . However the only commonalities are the inability to sing so good but the tenacity to do it anyway, and really poetic lyrics. He’s old though. Hardly an up and coming.

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Nope. I don’t like eminem. He seems like a malignant narcississt to me, abusive, gets his jollies by trashing other people to get attention, and somehow is way too self important and self absorbed. I can’t stand to finish the videos. Reminds me of someone I knew too well, and wish I never met.

Dylan, however, doesn’t leave me with heebie jeebies and feeling like I have to wash the yuck off me to get it out of my head. His spirit seemed more gentle, his words more full of feelings I like.

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The only time I allowed myself to sit through an entire Eminem video, I was rather impressed with his very clever lyrical style. I can’t relate to any of the shit he talks about, but he does have far better writing skills than the average rapper.

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haha, thanks FutureMemory, one more then you have his diversity over the last 8 years or so

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escapedone7 I truly doubt he gets “his jollies by trashing other people” considering, he continuously reminds us that he himself it trash. Elevate

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What about “The Warning” and so many others like it? ”Nail in the coffin very… charming.
I stand by my assessment.

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Someone who can tell an entire story in poetic words, breathtaking melody, and a voice that sounds like a garbage disposal?
Tom Waits.

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@anescapedone7imen – I can totally understand and respect how someone could not care for Eminem, and in terms of a) personality, and b) lyrical content, he definitely is a different beast from Dylan altogether. But I’m thinking of modern day sensibilities…someone with the same general lyrical style but a completely modern point of view. There’s where I think he fits the bill, like I said…love him or hate him.

And I do agree with Tom Waits being as great of a storyteller and sharing some stylistic elements, I’d simply consider him as maybe the Dylan of a generation or two ago…heck, almost a contemporary when you realize he’s been doing it since the early 70s.

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Beck comes to mind when I think about an artist that can be compared to Dylan…both musically and lyrically.

Others that I think are both musical and lyrical geniuses are Richard Buckner, Devendra Banhart, Johnny Dowd, Conor Oberst, Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse) and Jim James (My Morning Jacket).

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Get crazy with the Cheez Whiz

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