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What can I do for you now that I am officially Bendrim? (see details)

Asked by Dog (24827points) April 1st, 2010

Now that my conversion is complete I am making the crusade to San Francisco to fuse with the Fluther mainframe.

One thing I will be doing is having Fluther sense the keyboards of the users. It will know the intent of the typist. Trolls will get a jolt every time they post and wet themselves.

How would you like me to use this Fluther Power for you?
World Peace?
End Hunger?
Make Pancakes?

What would you like me to have happen and when?

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We need to revolt! I had a hard enough time BEFORE the assimilation!

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Do the damn dishes like you’ve been promising.

And make me a sammich while you’re at it.

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You’re much sexier than the former bendrim.
I’d like if Fluther was aware of how great my posts are, and automatically gave me bonus lurve, without having to rely on humans to recognize it. Humans are inconsistent and unreliable anyway.

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I want us all to be sucked into an alternate reality where the collective is visible. Body remains upright at the keyboard, spirit is dancing the dance of life with other jellies.
Alternately, I’ll settle for a real s’more.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

I would like you to reach out of the computer and personally dick punch every troll. Twice.

That’s possible, right?

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Get me to 20K faster so I can get something done in the RW. Oh – and take off any questions labeled “NSFW” that originate in England.

KatawaGrey's avatar

I think you should give us that damn guacamole we’ve been promised!~

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Hell, I’ve been getting a jolt and wetting myself for most of the past four months. So what’s new?

tinyfaery's avatar

Too. Much. Too. Confusing. Help.

dpworkin's avatar

I think Vicky might like me, but you still haven’t helped me figure out how to know for sure what if she’s like talking to other guy’s when Im not their?

janbb's avatar

@andpworkinenim Miss Lonelyhearts here. Yes, she likes u but she also likes talking to other guy’s.

aprilsimnel's avatar

Can you get me a job writing on Mad Men? Or Doctor Who? Actually, I’d prefer Doctor Who, and a visa allowing me to work in the UK. And a plane ticket. And a nice flat in Hampstead. When? Now would be swell.

Trillian's avatar

@timaprilsimnelewen Oooo! Yeah, I want a job writing for MST3K!

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I would like a clone of the user “Dog” for my own personal usage.

Dog's avatar

@anchristopherwalkenshidingplaceim Consider it done!

@timgrisailledrewen Done!

@antrillianenim @benaprilsimnelimew Pick up your plane tickets at the counter. Your flat key will be given to you by your limo driver. :)

CyanoticWasp's avatar

@antrillianen you really need to shave. That beard looks ridiculous on you.

Trillian's avatar

Hehehehe. Oooo That hurt! Think of it as something to “Hang on to!”
@Dog. Thank you so much! Can’t wait!

Jude's avatar

Give me a little (lot of) help with the 20K thing, as well..

RW is a calling.

Oh, and do @benlikeradarim’s dishes and make us both sammiches.

Likeradar's avatar

@anjjmahenim You’d think with all these bendrewims running around they could rub our feet while we eat too. what are those slackers doing, writing code or something?

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I want a pony!

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Send me chocolates!

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Guinness, please, and a couple of pool girls.

Dog's avatar

Tacos, Beer, Chocolate, Guiness and sexy models! No problem!

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

@Dog And don’t forget about my hovercraft. You promised!

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I want you to open the burrito place at my school back up! Right now it’s closed for construction, but they make the best burritos ever and I want it back! After you do that, come back and see me. I’ll be making a list of things you can do. =]

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Hovercraft- check!

Burrito stand- done!

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Thank you so much for the free jelly-shirt, the bumper sticker, the magnet, the jelly coffee mug and the 10K trophy. I really love you guys.

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Don’t Touch THe RED buttON

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Oh poof. I am back to just an average dog. :::sigh::::

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Aw Doggie, no more magic powers. Lay on your back and I’ll scratch your belly for you. Feelin’ better now?

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My son Max sent me an SMS saying that his girlfriend was pregnant, and that he had decided that the right thing to do was to marry her. The little bastard had me going for at least 20 minutes.

janbb's avatar

Talk about magic. I just came in and started typing and @dpworkin shows up.

dpworkin's avatar

aww, shucks

janbb's avatar

I didn’t say what kind of magic I thought it was! People may pay me not to do this trick again.

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@dpworkin ooooohh!!! Not that as an April Fool’s joke!

I gotta say, I tried to log on and look around earlier, before heading out for a little while. I wasn’t having a great morning, a little sick. Sore and meds from the oncologist were making me ill. I just couldn’t follow the name thing. A bit too much for my pea brain, today! Cute, though.

I vote for pancakes!

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My daughter told me last night that she broke up with her boyfriend—the one who makes $300 K per month.

She wasn’t kidding. She’s cool. (I’m thinking of dating the bastard myself now.)

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