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Do you believe your home is your haven?

Asked by Just_Justine (6486points) April 2nd, 2010

I certainly do! I do miss not having a garden though, I envy people with a little garden. But because I bought before the property boom I feel it would be less pertinent to move.

My point is, what sort of things do you do to make your home a wonderful haven. Burn oils? candles, play the sounds of water? I do quite a few things but would love some more ideas! Thanks.

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I call my home. My fortress of solitude.

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I have incense sticks and for running water, well the bathroom faucet is malfunctioning so I don’t need one of those fountain things :P

Other than that, I probably would be happy anywhere I could have my computer and my books. My rat too. My pets make my home, home.

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It would be if someone would clean it once in a while.

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I like cut flowers. I think they really brighten up a space.

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For me, my home is where my heart is otherwise it’s a place to wash up and change clothes. I really look forward to the “home” feeling again with candles, incense, plants, music always playing and lots of clean fresh linens.

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I LOVE my little haven in the woods!

All my friends think I should turn my place into a retreat. lol

The other night my daughter and her bf and room mate came by to hang in the hot tub, her room mate said she felt like she was in another country! haha

I couldn’t ask for a more soul nourishing place to call home.

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Not for long as it will be someone else’s soon as I am moving and it is my hope that home will be my haven!

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I do, and I think it should be. The things that make my home a haven are comfy couches, soothing colors, nice little yard with bird feeders, a couple pets running around, aquariums, guitars, and of course a really comfortable bed. If only I had a jacuzzi.. Oh, what a haven that would be!

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My home is my haven. A fortress of solitude like @ChazMaz said. Also my private garden. I need to be outside when the weather is nice.
Candles burning, are usually a part of my day and curtains for privacy are a must.

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“My point is, what sort of things do you do to make your home a wonderful haven”

I fill the house with love, lots of good food and my SO and dogs. What more could I wish for.
At this time of year I fill my greenhouse with lots of seeds and vegetables, then plant them out in the garden in summer.
Oh… it will soon be barbecue time… can’t wait!

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When the kids finally flew the coop, I got rid of the old, dirty and broken furniture and bought a few pieces that I love. I now own a house of cedar and glass that is flooded with light and levitates during severe thunder storms.

I have gardens that I have been messing with for 23 years and 20 acres of woods and fields. Pre-tick invasion, I had trails cut and the brambles and cripplebush eliminated. I had teen-agers plant over 5000 daffodils that are starting to bloom and will continue through-out the month.

I have a blue heron that visits the pond and many red-tailed hawks who ride the thermals. The wrens will soon start nesting in their newly cleaned bird house.

Milo hangs around and no longer runs away. Life is good.

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Oh, for sure. I love my whole house, particularly the way the light comes through the windows in the kitchen, my bedroom with its Palladian window, and my bathtub, nightly source of relaxation and comfort. But the bestest part of my haven is my reading corner in the den. It’s a large comfy chair with an ottoman set between two windows, and next to it are a small table for a cup of tea and my book caddy cabinet that my husband built. Nothing can go wrong when I’m in that chair with a good book!

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@gailcalled Picnic at your place this summer?

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It will be again tomorrow when I finally get rid of an unwanted “guest”. Yaaaayy!

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My home is where I like to relax in the evening, or have a lie in on a weekend. There is nothing more annoying than being disturbed in your own home and dreading that feeling of going home and having to put up with inconsideration of others! My sister in law finds weekends hard to relax when her neighbours play their music stupidly load and at ridiculous times. Your home is your place of safety and shoudl always be that way!

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@janbb: Of course, but I am picky. The guests will have to spell “definitely correctly.”

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@gailcalled Oh, definitely.

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@everyone, your homes sound amazing! I just crave the outdoors. I guess I could just go out more? In a small apartment do you consider plants can create an outdoor effect? or not? For some odd reason I love the outdoors but never go out. Only to work :(

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I adore my house…...a fireplace…..a new flat screen in the master bedroom where i can see the bird feeder….big plans for garden, herbs, flowers, some veggies…...

My dog… a neighborhood where everybody waves, and everyone feels safe.

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One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to walk with my geese down to the lower pasture where a seasonal creek is running.

I installed an extra gate off the side of my lawn last summer for a party campground in the field.

It is soooo gorgeous right now, green, green, green grass and towering mossy Oaks…I could sit by the creek while my geese puddle around for hours.

Sometimes I take a couple of beers and a little picnic for one. Sublime!

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@Coloma oh stop already I am jealous enough I want an indoor garden Now!

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@Coloma and I am very suspicious of this geese thing what’s with the goose? :-/

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For me, its when I have an awesome dinner cooked, the house is clean from top to bottom and there is a nice breeze and all the windows are open. Sitting in my dining room eating dinner with my husband surrounded by my beautiful plants (I have a lot) with a fresh breeze coming through the windows and music playing in the back ground is awesome. Follow that with a glass of wine, and sitting on the patio looking at the sunset is great.

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Lol…I love my geese…they are the most fun pets ever!

If someone would have told me 12 years ago that a goose would become my all time favorite pet..I’d have never believed them! haha

Hey…why doesn’t everyone put up an avatar of their space?

Heres my pasture, taken last week!

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If you have a clear and unobstructed view of the W NW tonight and the next few nights, you can see bright Venus and visible Mercury just below at twilight.

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I am a diehard homebody. For me, it’s all about comfort. I want everything I need at my fingertips and love finding creative ways to do this and it be attractive. My sister is an interior designer and she is happy when her house looks like something out of a magazine. It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there! When I have company, I tell them to make themselves at home, to act like they live here. Grab a beer, a glass of wine, or a cold drink, sit down, prop your feet up and relax. I like being home because I can be comfortable. I want to relax and it’s hard to do in other peoples homes unless they are relaxed and comfortable too. @Coloma that is a beautiful view to enjoy. Spring is my favorite time of year with the cool temps, gentle breezes, trees & flowers blooming, colors everywhere and the fragrance coming in the open windows on the breeze…..ummmmmm, I absolutlely LOVE it! @Pandora, you describe a perfect day for me! @Just_Justine, you ask the best questions! Daydreaming has made my day today.

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@Just_Justine I have a house full of plants, some of them 20 or more years old. I love the greenery thoughout the house. I love the windows open, it let’s the outside in. We have a deck a pool and a hot tub, with a large back yard that has a creek running through it, I can go outside and watch the falcons and the hawks fly above us. There is a pond up the creek from here and you can hear the canadian geese flying overhead on their way to the pond. We have raccoons and oppossums at night. I am at this moment, watching the cardinals in our birdfeeder. I have two little pomeranians to entertain me and keep me company, life is good.

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Nope. My home is my castle.

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I agree…my house is decorated the way I like it but very comfortable for guests too.

I’m the same way..take off your shoes, put your feet up, have some wine.

Comfort is everything!

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I can be. I dont like carpet and rugs for one reason. They get dirty and I don’t like asking people to remove their shoes. In my house you dont have to remove your shoes. It’s a house that gets dirty easily and I do keep it clean but I dont like being a house nazi with strict rules.

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I still do, but unfortunately I can never think of it in the same way. Now that I’m at college, it’s no longer my primary place of residence. I will be going back for summer break and I can’t wait, but I don’t know, it’s just not the same. Things change while I’m gone and I don’t want to get too attached to it anymore because I know I can’t live there so much anymore. And I don’t want to, frankly. I always want to visit, but I want to get used to not being there.

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Yes, I absolutely do. I enjoy in a sunny, organized kitchen, and a bedroom with soft lighting and luxuriously comforting bedding. Towels that are soft and smell wonderful and I love small flowering houseplants too. I make sure that my home has these things.

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@DominicX It won’t ever be you home in the same way again, but it is sweet to visit it and I know from my own experience, that it will always be lovely for your folks to have you “home” even if it is only for a few days.

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@Exhausted thank you and you always have inspiring things to say :) @mike I am a nazi, I wish I could manage to like that lived in look, I will work on it.

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Sometimes it’s absolute chaos, but right now, it’s relatively clean and orderly, and all my boys are asleep. It’s just me and fluther, with the sunlight streaming in and the breeze softly flitting my curtains. This is my haven… for maybe a half an hour.

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@ubersiren Enjoy it, mommio!

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To a certain extent although, if I my anxiety is at it’s worse then there is no haven. I can’t escape from it but at least I can lock the doors of my home until I am ready to face the world again.

To make my home as comforting for me as possible I have lots of pictures of things that are important to me mostly dogs!, I have loads of books and all my favourite music.

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@gailcalled: Can I move in with you?

My primary residence is a place where I can go and hang out and sleep, and it’s a fine place, but it isn’t my haven, no. I live in the suburbs, and it’s too crowded for me to think of like that. The country place on the other hand is definitely a haven though.

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My room with it’s red walls and matching bedspread, guitar in the corner, and my junk all over the place is my haven.

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@dpworkin if that’s all that’s spoiling it for you, get a maid!
Whatever one has where one can find safety, privacy, and comfort is one’s haven. I am appreciating that now very much.

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@petethepothead: Mi casa es su casa (but I expect several quarts of fresh blueberries as a house gift).

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Absolutely true, my refuge
totally filled with too much junk.

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