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What is the #1 thing you would like to change about the space you live in other than the location and who lives in it with you?

Asked by jca (36062points) January 8th, 2011

What is the main thing you dislike about your house or apartment? Not talking about where you live, nor about who lives with you – I am referring to the size, shape, decor, not enough storage space, would like the dining room to be a different color, windows too small, would prefer a deck, need new living room furniture, bathrooms are old, you wish you didn’t let the wife talk you into the queensize bed instead of king, you got new cabinets but could not afford the nice counter tops you really wanted, yard needs landscaping, would love to have a swimming pool, would love a party space, would love a space especially for the kids to play, what?........

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The closet space: it’s too small. All my storage is under the beds.

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Not enough closet space.
There were NO closets in my house when it was built in 1893

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It’s 275 sq ft. I could use a few extra squared feet.

Ohhh, and a view. I’d prefer a tree… anything but college dorms, really.

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I wish my house didn’t have this room by the back wall of the basement that has just a doorway, no windows, and cement walls with a sand floor. This room was already in the house when we moved in about 2 years ago.

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I love everything about my house, but, sometimes I wish I had little more space.

To clarify, I’d like my living room and bedroom to be bigger, but, all and all, no complaints.

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I’d like to have my kitchen plumbing upgraded to accommodate a dishwasher, an extra room, and central A/C.

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ohh, dishwasher, the D word. I second that

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I wish I had more space. We moved from a 2-bedroom apartment into this one-bedroom place, and even after a serious purge and storing tons of things at our parents’ places, we still don’t have enough space. A storage locker would be awesome.

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The heating system – the flat only has electricity, so no central heating :(

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Family room too small, master closets too small, back patio too small and not screened in. These are three of my top five things I look for, and I did not get all of these in my current house and it is very frustrating.

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All the bathrooms are on one end of the house. The house is 73 feet long so it’s a long long run if you are in the workshop in the basement and have to essentially run the length of the house twice for an emergency pee.

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I’d love a main floor laundry, love, love, love.

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@faye Do you mean yours is in the basement? I prefer a laudry where my bedroom is, many houses have a main floor laundry and bedrooms upstairs on the second floor.

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Yes, mine is in the basement, far, far away. No my house is not so big. I just hate schlepping all the way when my old joints ache.

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I’d love to have a washer and dryer in my apartment, so I don’t have to schlep my laundry 13 floors down :)

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I’d like a larger kitchen, new carpeting and a screened in patio. I do miss all my built in bookcases.

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Too bad your building (the CN Tower?) doesn’t have a 100-floor tall laundry chute. ;-p

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my apartment is large, but I wish it had one more room for the kids to hang out, other than the bedrooms.

Our windows look out on the street/sidewalk, so the drapes have to be closed for privacy. I wish we were higher up so I could let light in.

And I’d like a secure place to store the bikes besides the balcony, it’s a hassle getting them in and out.

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@Seelix My friend had a small apt size washer dryer set, 18” wide?, on wheels that filled and drained from/in her kitchen sink. She kept it in her little storage room or hall closet. I loved that setup.

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@Brian1946 – I don’t live in the CN Tower, but I can see it from the stoop!
@faye – I’d love to have one of those, but sadly, I don’t even have enough space for a small one! I don’t have a storage space and the closets are all full :( Thanks for thinking of me, though!

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I WANT FLOORING IN THE BASEMENT AND I WANT IT NOW. Or very soon. It has been 7 years since we dealt with the leaking. It hasn’t come back, the drywall is up and painted. Flooring, flooring, my kingdom for flooring! (At which point I can move the treadmill down there. I’m tired of it being in the middle of the living room!)

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Oh, where do I begin? It’s an old house (1920s or early 30s), with lots of charm, but not a lot of updates. The wiring is old, the plumbing is old, the plaster walls are in bad shape, tiny or non-existent closets, etc. But, probably my number one beef is with our only bathroom. It is so small that you can’t sit straight on the toilet, but have to sit diagonally. You could literally wash your feet in the sink or the bathtub while sitting on the toilet, that’s how jammed together close everything is. Ugh. On top of that, there’s a clawfoot tub that will not look clean, no matter how hard you scrub it, and the plaster is falling off the walls.

So, a bigger, updated bathroom upstairs, and adding a powder room downstairs would be lovely.

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The house is spacious enough, but I want a 4-season room. And like @tedibear said…I want it now!

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My house – i would love it if the bedrooms were on a second floor (in other words, raise the roof). More closet space, basement accessible through the house instead of having to walk outside to get to basement steps (the ultimate would be a huge walk in closet with washer/dryer in the walk-in – i saw that in a magazine once and found it a brilliant idea). a separate room for art projects would be nice. a second bathroom would be nice -upstairs with the bedrooms. more kitchen storage, including storage for organized party stuff.

i know my question asked “What is the #1 thing” so for me, of the above list, the #1 thing would be raise the roof and add rooms upstairs. that in itself would solve the storage issue.

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I’d redo all the walls in the common areas and I’d remodel the kitchen. Why? The 70s hasn’t ended in our flat.

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I wish my kitchen was a bit bigger. We have six people who live in this house and the amount of groceries we buy often spills over into laundry baskets that need to be moved around the kitchen.

I also wish our dinning room was bigger.

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I already had most of the remodeling done, upgraded kitchen, new bathroom fixtures and such, but I would really like the landscaping redone, and the automatic sprinkler system fixed. I would also like the plumbing upgraded, and recessed lighting installed in the family room.

I’m not happy with the choice I made for the family room and kitchen floors – I would like to see them with easy to clean linoleum.

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@Prosb Kitty must love that!

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I would like for mine to exist. I’m sort of a couch surfer at the moment.

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I wish I could afford to buy it and not just rent. I love my home and dread the day that I may not be able to continue living here.

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@Leanne1986 You might want to discuss this with the owner. We didn’t, and found out after we bought another house that the owner of our rental would have sold it to us.

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@YARNLADY Funnily enough I am considering it but I am trying to work out if it would be feasible for me financially. I don’t want to waste my landlady’s time it is only a pipe dream.

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Where to begin? Too many things to mention.

There’s not enough storage space. I’d love a big walk in closet.

I’d like a finished basement (possibly with it’s own entrance) or a loft. I’d like a decent laundry room with storage. I’d love a bigger kitchen with an island, stainless steel appliances, graniite countertops and plenty of cabinet space.

I’d love a big master bathroom with double sinks.

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