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Why do i find it difficult to find someone to really talk to? is it me or there are just not a lot of interesting people i know?

Asked by darby_shaw (116points) April 2nd, 2010

joining fluther right now is actually an attempt to satisfy my need for intellectually stimulating conversations.

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You are just particular who you talk to. Or are just trying to be a pretentious prat. I don’t know you in person so I can’t make the call.

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Boy, good luck with the plan. Intellectually stimulating conversations? On Fluther? Is it still the first of April?

Welcome to Fluther: Satisfying users’ needs for intellectually stimulating conversations since mid-morning today.

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So what do i do?

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Log off and find some interesting folks in real life or there is always medication to make society more tolerable :P

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i thought so. :))

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Welcome to Fluther, don’t mind the cynics and be reassured that there is always some interesting question for you on here where you can engage in (normally) friendly conversation. While waiting for normal friends in the real world to show up.

And I would wait on finding interesting new folks if none can currently be found. Nothing worse than tolerating people you have nothing in common with. Eventually, you will meet people with the same interests as you.

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Take an adult class where you will be allowed to speak; English lit, philosophy, recent history, economics, sociology, a foreign language.

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@Siren – huge thanks for the warm welcome! agree with you that there’s no sense tolerating people who we can’t connect with. i’m still hoping to find a lot of people i’ve got much commonground with.

@gailcalled – yeah. i think that’s good place to find people who have the same interests. thanks too!

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Start interesting conversations on Fluther by asking your own interesting questions.

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Maybe I’ve just been having a bad day, or maybe it’s just my school, but I was just thinking that it seems like 99% of the people in the world are complete and utter airheads. You just have to sort through to find the 1% who aren’t.

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@petethepothead Some days it can sure seem that way.

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It could be a variety of things: Searching for friends in the wrong places, favouring the wrong people and being disappointed by them (halo effect?), attempting to begin more intellectual conversation at times that do not suit some (sometimes it’s not that people don’t enjoy intellectual conversation so much as feel that it doesn’t suit the mood at a particular time) etc.

Whatever the reason you may be able to quench your needs amongst the Fluther community and I sincerely hope this proves to be the case.

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