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Care to share your favorite wrap recipe?

Asked by jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities (19677points) April 2nd, 2010

I’m looking to eat a little healthier, and I like the minimal amount of effort that making a wrap involves. I would love to hear some of your favorite recipes for healthy (ish) wraps.

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i have no idea if this is healthy, but here goes:

-tuna and mayonnaise with some sweetcorn and salad.

-chicken with hot sauce, mayonnaise and salad.

they are the only two i really know how to make.

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Eggs, potatoes, cheese and ham…....What what?!

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I spread mayo on the wrap. Then I put sliced turkey, bacon, and avocado and tomato slices. Roll up for a fabulous wrap. (Salt and pepper)

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Avacado, bean sprouts, cucumbers, spray with vinegrette

Hummus, bell peppers, feta cheese, a little shaved red onion, spray with olive oil

Hummus, carrots, spray with olive oil

edit: smoked trout, dill, little bit of cream cheese, a couple capers, salt and pepper

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marinated grilled chicken strips, avocado,red onions and lime-cilantro dressing

hummus, cucumber, thinly sliced tomatoes

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um. My favourite wrap filling is beef chilli and cheese, but it isn’t healthy by any stretch of the imagination…

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@downtide Freaking horrendously disgusting lol.

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Hummus, cucumber and carrots in a spinach wrap.
I practically live off of it.

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Mine is:
~ shaved turkey (real turkey, not this processed and pressed shite)
~ cheddar cheese
~ pickles
~ sprouts
~ tomatoes
~ carrots
~ either honey mustard dressing or ranch dressing
~ a garlic or chive wrap

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Roast beef, tomato, fresh spinach, banana peppers, and avocado with italian dressing rolled up in the spinach tortilla.

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I throw a week’s worth of spinach, kale, eggplant, mushrooms, garlic, onions, olives, tomatoes, carrots, peas, edamame, whole multi-grain pasta, 3 kinds of cheese including cottage, and shrimp, diced fish or crab, and some strawberries, avocados, or whatever random fruit I pick up in a huge pot and make a few wraps out of it for each meal. Or, I did until my bowls and mini-fridge got sold off to pay for bus money ;_;

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Salmon flavored cream cheese with sliced cucumbers, avacados and lettuce!

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@downtide at sonic they have a frito chili cheese wrap…with fritos for crunch.

I dont make wraps, but i would use whole wheat tortilla, sprouts, avocado and whatever i experiment with, now you guys brought it up.

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cream cheese, handful of raisins and about 14 walnut halves. It sounds weird but it’s really good and it’s healthyish if you just watch how much you put on it.

Otherwise, something like; hummus, sprouts, spinach, cukes, avocado, shredded carrots, a little cheese, etc. Pretty much any veg is interchangable.

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I just made wraps last night. Here’s what I did:

We got fresh eggplant at the farmer’s market, so I cut them in half the long way and put them skin-side up under the broiler. After a long enough time, the skin chars black and you can peel it really easily. This leaves behind cooked eggplant (mushy) that is smoky-flavored.

I took the eggplant and puréed it in the processor. The resulting mash I sautéed with garlic and olive oil and a little salt and lemon juice. I spread this on the whole wheat flatbread and rolled it up with a little smoked provolone inside.

Mmm mmm good.

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