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How to dress like emo, when I am not emo?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6612points) April 2nd, 2010

I really adore there hairstyles and all that. These couple of days I’ve been wanting so badly to dress, put on make up, like emo people. BTW, Iam a black girl from African and I don’t have long hair so I don’t think there is anything I could do to my hair to have the emo hairstyle:(
Anyway…What do you guys think of this idea?? and what colors should I wear? black??

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Be yourself.
Don’t try to fit into a stereotype.
Don’t worry about who says what about how you dress.
If you like something, wear it.
If you want to do your makeup a certain way, do it.
Same with your hair.
Easier said then done, but really.. fuck everyone else. Live for yourself and not for trying to impress others.
Those Who Mind Don’t Matter, Those Who Matter Don’t Mind – Dr. Seuss.

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Why not get some magazines and flip through them? I only know the basics….black clothing (of course), lots of chunky silver jewelry, make sure your clothes have rips in them to convey that anti-establishment look, and have take a walk down memory lane. Elvis Pressley had the first memorable, award-winning sneer.

I looked up “emo style” on Google, and found some brilliant stuff! But I haven’t understood how to post a link here yet. That might work better than buying a bunch of magazines. Also, black hair can be strightened/relaxed. So there is every possibility that you can still have the hair style if your hair isn’t too short. There’s nothing wrong with liking a style. Just don’t get swallowed up by that culture :)

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Emo isn’t a style. I think you’re talking about wanting to look scene

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@rangerr , thank you;*I will still be myself, and yes I’ll start wearing what I like like more skinny jeans;);:);)

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Emo Phillips?

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@evandad , :( If U can’t help then just dont comment???

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@Tink1113 , your surely right, Emo isn’t a style.

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@Bing , sorry about that I didn’t know that emo wasn’t a style….But I thought so

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@Thesexier, Read what Tink said.

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@Twibbly , I’ve already read it!, Ok..I want to dress scene like!

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What is emo?

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@Ludy , are you joking orxD just asking….
anyway Emo =

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Get really depressed first. Then you will master the art of emo fashion.

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Could somebody plain tell me, no links please, I’m mexican and maybe i just don’t know the word, still learning english!

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Sorry to tell you, you would not look that good, accept yourself, it’s like me wanting to look american.

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@Ludy , What I think Emo Is I think its an expression some people have….emo people who are really seriously EMO! are kinda scary. they cut themselves, wear skinny jeans, band t-shirts, they listen to bands like mychamical romance, secondhand serenade, panic at the disco! and bands like that. They always have hair with a lot of layers and colored.
Did this help? :)

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@cbloom8 , I don’t think thats possible because I am a very happy person:)

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Good lord.

Emo is some term used for “overly emotional” people. Not all emos cut themselves. That’s what most ignorant people call others to try to bring them down just because of how they dress or act. Most prefer to be by themselves, so if you see a girl or guy by themselves and they dress in band tees and tight jeans with thick eye makeup you might assume they are emo. Wrong. It’s a stereotype that is not to be taken lightly. It’s rude.

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@Tink1113 , Ok..easy, I don’t have anything against emo people….What I wrote before is just my thought…

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@Thesexier Oh, I wasn’t saying you did. I was talking about what other people say. Sorry if I worded it too strongly or if I seemed angry…

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@Tink1113 , Oh, ok its fine misunderstandings happenxD

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Oh my god… fake emo. What is the world coming to? Looks like we’re more than halfway there.

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A lot of people dress scene without being ‘emo[tional]’ (just FYI, if you didn’t know). As with all the sagging that occurred in the ‘90s; kids obviously weren’t trying to make themselves sexually available by wearing their pants low/ baggy.

Anyway it might be poseurish in some cases but I dunno if ‘fake’ is the right word

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Per the wikipedia article “Today emo is tied to both music and style.” It goes on to say you will find wearing skinny jeans in bright colors and short sleeve, tight t-shirts with the names of emo bands, studded belts and wrist bands, black converse sneakers or Vans skate shoes fits the stereotype of the emo fashion.

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What rangerr said (the very first responce) is one of the most intelligent answers I’ve ever read.
Just refer to that responce because that is all you need.

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May I ask why you want to dress like an emo..?

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Okay well I guess you could start wearing dark and depressing colours.
Then you have to make yourself look constantly depressed and you can’t smile. Ever.
Oh and start to slit your wrists and stuff.
So if you do all that then you’re well on your way to becoming a lovely emo! :)
Have fun.

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@kittykat219 Ih trust me I am bit planning on going that far. I just like the dressing. I am very happy person so being emo I guess won’t be happening to me any time soon.

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I think you’re thinking of scene people with there funky hair and such. I rather do adore that style, but emo doesn’t have a SPECIFIC style. I know this because anyone can go and cut themselves from depression which is what emo techinically is. My best friend at the moment is actually turning emo, and she doesn’t dress oddly at all.

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OMG I can’t believe I actually asked this question haha. It’s so embarrassing now… Thank you for all your lovely answers. I was going through a phase I guess. I don’t dress emo and I don’t dress for anyone. I love my style :)

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