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How can I figure out what kind of bike I have?

Asked by lilikoi (10079points) April 3rd, 2010

The frame looks like pretty much exactly like this. The thing is, I’ve seen bikes of other manufacturers that have frames that look the same. It is a 26” cruiser with coaster brakes. There aren’t any markings on it, the handlebars, front fork, and tires are not original. Are there specific things I can look for to ID it?

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Does it have an identification number, like a vin number on a car, anywhere on the frame?

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No numbers or other markings :(

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Posting pictures would help a lot. If it happens to be a Schwinn, you might be able to match the serial to a year (but not a particular model).

Old Schwinns sometimes have serial numbers stamped on the dropouts, where the rack, chain guard and wheel are attached in this picture:

Sometimes serial numbers are under the bottom bracket, where the pedal cranks are attached

And sometimes on the head tube

Schwinn serial number info can be found here.

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Thanks for the good info @jaytkay I don’t see a # though in any of those places, or any where else. I’m thinking maybe someone painted over it and covered up the number…

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It’s a cheap (machine made in probably Taiwan or China) model made to resemble a classic cruiser. It was likely originally sold at a department store.

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compare it to other similar models.

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