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Would you rather Skydive or Bungy Jump?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) March 8th, 2008
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skydive, it’ll be like flying.

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Am I going crazy or was this just a question about modifying the look of forms with CSS?

And I wouldn’t do either. Ladders freak me the fuck out.

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Hellls yeah skydiving!!

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Oh john Powell, your just crazy.

Kidding, maybe your just seeing things?

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skydive if I had of had a plane to jump from my whole life I would have never used drugs (I’m drug free now)

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I would rock both. : ) I love taking things to the extreme. Like the granny on hoodwinked.

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eeeee!! Yeah skydiving! I want to see my sister laughing when her mouth open wider haha.

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I’ll do both!!!

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skydive, dawg

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tethered to nothing skydive ftw (& I have-it’s incredible)

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I’ve done bungee jumping. It was fun, btu made me nauseated and really didn’t make my spine happy.

Freediving is fun, without the pain.

I probably won’t skydive until i’m older. Hang-glide is something my boyfriend and I are planning to do together some summer soon.

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Neither. I’m not a gambler and I don’t trust equipment that much.

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Having done both…its definitely skydiving. It much more exciting not being tethered to anything other than the parachute attached to you and having control of your dive. You can steer, turn, spin, slow, etc while freefalling as well as with your chute deployed. With bungee jumping you are restricted by the physics of the cord. Also, I am much more comfortable with the professional personnel and equipment I’ve encountered skydiving as opposed to bungee jumping. Hours of classroom seminar and practice landing from a platform are prerequisites to your first parachute jump and the entire process is very exciting. Of course don’t expect to do extensive freefall immediately. You must go through a regimen of static line (your chute gets pulled automatically fairly quickly) through showing the instructors you have your wits enough to pull your own chute through timed pulls at higher and higher altitudes. Its not without some risk however. The two buddies I started out with both succumbed to injury within their first two jumps…one a moderately sprained shoulder, the other a severely sprained ankle.

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@ whatthefluther: Yeah, my brother sprained his ankle in Empuriabrava, Spain on his second day there (he’d gone before and done about 120 Jumps) and he had to fly straight back!
I would much rather skydive, although I haven’t tried either, it seems safer and less uncomfortable!

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skydive. what a rush..

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