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How long does marijuana stay on your breath?

Asked by iceblu (919points) March 8th, 2008

My friend smoked took one hit at 8 o’clock, she had a slice of cake, some coke, and what not. I took her home at 12, she said her mom smelled it on her( thats beleivable) but she also said that she smelled it on her breath….i don’t think this is right…i think her mom is using reverse psychology on her…Thoughts?

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yeah, reverse psychology, unless she had one of those breathalyzer machines built in her mouth!!!

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It is going to linger on your clothes a lot longer than your breath. It isn’t like booze. It shouldn’t be on your breath very long if at all.

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yeah most likely it was the clothes.

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@thehaight – thx for the quick and laughable response, that what i figured and i’m just like…no its not possible…

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haha no problem. :$

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On the breath, until the Scope hits.

In the hair and on your hands until you bathe. That’s why it’s a good idea to get high in the shower or shave your head right afterwards.

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The smell is stuck in my car FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!!

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or untill I get a new car?......

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new car ;D

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@thehaight breathalizers don’t detect dope just alchol

she probally smelled it on your friends clothing not her breath

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well theres some sort of device that can detect it, theres gotta be! And iceblu knew what I meant. So thanks for the wonderful correction GOOCh?..!

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okay, specially trained police can tell if your high. But no breathalyzer test.. Yet (lots of companies are working on that)

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hmm didnt know that, but i know that even if the police did, they couldn’t do anything unless you had something.

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you couldn’t get some sort of a DUI?
hmm…? Haha most cops that do catch you with posession of marijuana (I think) end up taking It from you so they could smoke it themselves. Well that’s what I at least think they did when they took my boyfriends weed from him.

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only in the US, the cops are above the law…i believe it, but here in NJ, i don’t think they can arrest you if your high, unless you have some in possession.

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here in ca pretty much same thing.

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Moms just know their kids. I think she said you ACT high therefore you must SMELL of highness? CAKE!!! I love cake…..

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Lol yea i considered that as well but she was really acting normal by the time we dropped her off 4 hours later and she really didn’t smoke much. But boy do i love some cake.Mmmmm must find cake now.

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It was the cake crumbs around her mouth that tipped Mom off. And BTW, I would bet there is now a marijuana-breath-detecting flashlight that cops use in traffic stops. I know I read about one being invented since that article came out, but the DEA probably took down all the info. :).

There’s also a scent-molecule-destroying face mask out there, for hunters who smoke, but it’s only available in camo and black. (For obvious reasons, neither is the perfect modern woman’s accessory, unless she is alternatively moral.) Your friend could take up wearing an air filter mask, like they do in Third-World countries. Oh, and she should smoke naked and use Odorcide on her hair.

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to be honest. i smoke weed in my room nearly every day. i have the window open and put a towel at the bottom of my door but my mum has never even known. i walk around the house and she still doesnt know. i try not to look her in the eyes when i talk to her but. no way you could smell it on someones breath even an hours after it. i dont even think the clothes unless you been sitting a room where lots of people smoking and you havent got any air flow.

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