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Who's that blonde in the commercial?

Asked by Iphone35 (134points) April 4th, 2010 from iPhone

anyone know the name of the hot blonde in the commercial or who she is?

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I don’t even know what a “beezid” is.

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Beezid’s a scam, DarkScribe. It’s founders and people who run similar “services” call it “entertainment bidding”, but it’s like a casino – it costs money to buy bids, and if you don’t get your item, that’s all that money down the drain, so like casinos, it’s legal, but a scam nonetheless, and addictive to people with weak wills, just like gambling.

As for who she is, the request form on the contact page of the site will probably do you better than here.

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Iphone35— Think I can help you out as to WHO the gorgeous BLONDE is in all of those commercials…I kept seeing her since the spot seems to be running on multiple channels…I’ve seen it on Spike and History Channel and was curious to solve the mystery of “Who’s the Beezid Blonde?” Did my research and finally tracked her down…Here’s what I know:

Her name is CHARITY WINTERS- She’s a tv host/actress who’s been on “Jimmy Kimmel” and was the host of “Reality Hell” on E! this past summer (I knew I had seen her somewhere before- that show was crack up!) She also hosted for “Extra” at the Oscars last year so guess she’s well on her way to becoming an entertainment “IT” Girl and I hope she does because I sure wouldn’t mind seeing more of her around! But she’s not new to the Hollywood scene, it seems from the information I found- She went the Los Angeles High School of the Arts so has been studying acting and music most of her life so that’s pretty cool. Guess she’s actually known more in Europe than here though since she hosted a long-running American Idol style reality tv show in the UK but rest assured she IS a native California girl so yes those great teeth ARE real. She’s not just a “Hollywood Hottie” though, I found out she does tons of work in the philanthropic world, including traveling to 3rd world countries to do relief work which only makes her a MEGA-HOTTIE in my mind! The title of “philanthopist” really makes me wonder though, if “Charity Winters” is her real name- it’s definitely a bit ironic- Does anyone know?

Got all my info off and her personal website: but you can always google “Charity Winters” and tons of stuff comes up- including a bunch of videos of her other work- think I’ve watched them all now… Yep, definitely a FAN of this hot “Beezid Blonde”...hope my near obsession is helpful to you…

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what is that

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