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Why is my oven dripping a black liquid?

Asked by lilikoi (10059points) April 4th, 2010

A black liquid is dripping in the oven. It is dripping from what looks like a black stalactite. It is at least stalactite in its shape, and it is black in color. It is located adjacent or nearly adjacent to one of the connections/supports of the top heating element to the oven. This is an old electric oven. What is it? And how did it get there?

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Hehe. Looking at the residue, it might be plastic melting. It must be something melting…

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Does it smell funny? If it does, that’s not good. It probably isn’t good anyways. How old is it?

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someone spilled something on it or in the oven and its trapped somewhere where theres a slow leak…. ovens don`t have anything that could leak…theres no parts that are filled with any liquids

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Maybe it’s the black ooze the appeared out of people’s foreheads on “The Fifth Element”

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i think it’s plastic…maybe a plastic container??

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Gold! Black gold, that is!

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