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A good way to stop shoulders aching?

Asked by TheOnlyException (2182points) April 7th, 2010

Am trying to concentrate on some work and the pain is driving me nuts, took painkillers and they havent done much good.
Any suggestions I mean short of getting someone to give me a massage. I’ve tried rubbing my shoulders myself but to little avail. So home remedies would be what I’m looking for. Any tricks or anything, someone must know something 0_o
sorry bit of a weird question

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You could have Bursitis.

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Twenty minutes with warm compresses followed by icing for a similar period should help. I also second the stretching suggestion.

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Is it from stress that your shoulders tighten? If so, yoga could be helpful.

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Think of your shoulders as earrings and you DON“T want to wear them! So periodically relax and let your “earrings” drop and take a few relaxing breaths. Also do “Eagle Arms” also throughout the day and lift your elbows up and down to put the stretch through a gentle range of motion. That stretch works wonders.

This vid shows you an in depth sequences of the stretch…

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A heating pad or warm rice bag should help soothe and relax your shoulders. I use one every night.

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Do some neck stretches, rotations and shoulder shrugs & drops. Lax posture will kill your back and cause headaches aches. Sitting in uncomfortable chairs at a desk will do it too. I’ve taken to sleeping on my side snuggled around a pillow but with no pillow under my head and that’s helped.

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Get a massage..

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I dealt with terrible neck and shoulder pain up until I got my new bed. It made all the difference.

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Hold your arms above your head for relief.

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shoulder pain is a sign for all sorts of things. if it is persistent. get evaluated.

Heat, neck roll pillow.

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I have the same problem.Relax and put something warm on your shoulders. : )

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Thanks for all these responses, i have tried out a few, might even look into a new bed! :P

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