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Have you ever been stressed, but didn't know the cause?

Asked by rangerr (15748points) April 7th, 2010

For the past few nights, whenever I try to fall asleep, I just end up lying there for hours because I feel stressed.
Nothing is really wrong..
My life is awesome right now. Or, at least as awesome as it can be.
I am very happy, I just feel stressed.
Maybe I’m not? Maybe I’m just broken.

Has this ever happened to you?
What kind of impact did it have on you?
What did you do to try to help it?
Did you find out what was causing it?

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I usually always know why I’m stressed, but when an anxiety attack hits me, half the time I don’t know the cause. It’s usually for some unconscious reason – something below the surface that I haven’t figured out yet. I say this because an attack usually doesn’t hit me when I’m overwhelmed or stressed to the max. Only when everything is calm and when I have time to reflect and clear my mind. I suppose reflection brings them on. Those suckers are definitely a component to my stress.

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Try thinking about things that make you happy, things you appreciate instead of things that worry you. Take a shower, read until your eyes are so tired they might fall out, dance around your room, paint a picture… whatever you enjoy. Maybe it’ll take your mind off the things that stress you. You could always try something like yoga too. It’s supposed to calm and relax you.

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I think you are really stress, you don’t even know what’s your problems.
I think life is doing something new, or doing something spontaneous, do you do this lately?
I mean, your life awesome, but sometime you feel you stuck, is that what your problem?

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@vraymondcs your life awesome, but sometime you feel you stuck.

I do spontaneous/adventurous things all the time. That’s how my life is.
But stuck might be a better word than stressed.
Maybe it’s both.

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Your life is awesome? Even that can induce stress in some cases. My EX-wife got stressed out anytime something good happened. She thought God was going to drop the other shoe and take it all away..and more.

Good things can induce stress, even if you are not as crazy as she…:)

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What about your social life? Friend, organization, etc?
there’s good quote from “Into the Wild”
Happiness real when it’s shared

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Social life involves… cows and horses.
The few close friends that I do have, aren’t local. So.. social life outside of the internet.. doesn’t exist. But that’s how it’s always been, so I’m comfortable with it.

I’m more comfortable around animals than I am around people.

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So many times. There are so many times where I find my self on the brink of an anxiety attack for a reason that I’m not even sure of. Stress is shitty in the sense that it can happen totally subconsciously.

Try to write, or read, or paint. Just do put your mind in a different place.

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then i think it’s time to find new friend :D

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It was some kind of anxiety disorder for me though.

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I tend to stress more when life is good than when life is bad. Subconsciously I think I’m worried that things are too good to last for long. And that eventually something or someone will ruin it. Maybe that’s your problem. You stress more when you’re life is stress-free. Make sense?

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I think some of us just say it’s stress, when we don’t know or don’t want to know what is really bothering us. Just like when the doctor says you have a virus, when he really doesn’t know what you have. Both those words are over rated and over used. I do believe we all have some sort of stress now and then, but not nearly as much as we like to say we do. More to the point, it is easier to call it stress, rather than what it really is. We probably don’t want to deal with something, so we tend to think if we do nothing, it will go away. And when it doesn’t, we call it stress.

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Not knowing the cause of your stress is actually pretty common, since there are so many potential stressors. It might be something as simple as too much input. Or not enough.

I can certainly sympathize with the sleeplessness. For myself, limiting the hours of sleep per night has helped.

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No. I do not have random stress. I can always identify the source.

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Our unconscious mind is capable of playing tricks on us. The source of the stress can come from within.

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@rangerr I get this way often.
I have learned that tomorrow is another day, and it will get better.

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