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Why Jimmy Sullivan (the Rev) died?

Asked by curioscamel (84points) April 21st, 2010

I’m sure lots already know about how the drummer of Ax7 died in December. Does anyone know why he died or what could have caused it? I have only heard of natural causes, which at his young age doesn’t make much sence. Was anyone else upset when they heard about his death if so what did you do about it? I myself coped with it buy listening to their music and became suddnly interested in learning more about famous peoples lifes so bought a few autobiographys to read.

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They never released a reason.
Natural causes with the autopsy being inconclusive is all that has been said.

As for being upset.. yes, I was.
I’m quite the Avenged fan.. but I wasn’t upset to the point of having to “cope”.

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The autopsy was inconclusive. He had previously been into drugs, but was relatively clean recently. I should think if an OD were involved, the autopsy would have shown that. So probably natural causes. But toxicology testing is still underway, and may yet provide some other answer.

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Too much cocaine and red bull. Apparently, he had a heart attack. I was talking to my health teacher about this, and he says that anytime you use something that speeds up the rate of your heart it increases your chances of a heart attack.

have you ever noticed that he always had a red bull in his hands, or at least somewhere near him?

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@xRIPxTHEREVx I’d like to see a credible source that says that.

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Rock musician, died young. 2+2

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@rangerr Well, I found that on Wikipedia, but yeah, who really knows how reliable that one is.

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