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How about we make April 8th say something awesome about Fluther Day?

Asked by chupacabra (796points) April 8th, 2010

All complaints were officially laid to rest yesterday and today is a new day.

Let’s take time to mention the good about Fluther!

Snark is not allowed.
If you have nothing positive to say please do not post

Let’s count the ways that Fluther has benefitted our lives. In what ways do you see it as helpful? Why do you stay here?

We can mention nice things other Jellies have done for us but please do not mention names.

Why did you turn to Fluther when you had a question?

I know there have been love stories and friendships made. Problems solved and spirits lifted.

Please share your positive story.

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It hasn’t crashed since I’ve been here.

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It’s a lot of fun, filled with many wonderful, intelligent personalities, and keeps me on my toes. And always leaves me smiling…

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The ability to carry on conversations with people is my favorite part of my favorite Q & A site; Fluther, and I participate in several other Q & A sites.

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I feel I have developed some valued relationships with other people who are interesting, caring and open minded .

My participation has enriched my daily life and helped to resharpen my mind.

Other than that, nothing much ~

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I like how i can find serious questions and fun questions, so it’s not boring at all :)

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I like seeing different people’s personalities and hearing their funny answers. I don’t get my opinion asked that much, so there’s a nice little boost of happy when you get a great question or answer from someone. I consider this more like social media that twitter or facebook because there’s soemthing of value in it.

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I like the aquatic theme, and whole layout of the site.

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I met one of the most amazing people I have ever met on here. And, during really hard times (like the suicide of my best friend)... All kinds of people sent me messages of support. I am grateful for all of it.

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I like chatting to virtual strangers, the happy and friendly people, the non-judgemental people, the caring people. Fluther is great.

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I like meeting different people, learning about them and what makes them tick and how they got that way, and seeing new ways to look at things through someone else’s eyes.

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I have learned everything about what she said.

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Okay, let’s do that. It’s April 8th and Fluther is a convincingly excellent website that pleases the masses and stirs the imaginations of countless web surfers looking for that discriminating flavor in a unique and appealing internet venue offering social and intellectual stimulation.

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@Bluefreedom A perfect explanation!

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There are all kinds of jellies here, from all walks of life (assuming you’re not all big liars). I love the diversity. It can be a really calm and inspiring place to be, as well as intellectually stimulating, helpful, and fun, woop!

The mods and founders seem like genuinely good folk, who work hard at accommodating jellies’ needs as best they can and at responding to feedback.

Most of all I love the feeling of community. An online community was never more worthy of the name.

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@jeanmay They responded to your feedback?

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I have this on my profile and I live by it!

I think this perfectly describes my love for Fluther and it’s jellies:
“This messed-up, mixed-up collection of misfits & miscreants is my family. They’re the most insufferable, maddening, unpredictable, irreplaceable, glorious bunch of yahoos I’ve ever known.”

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I love the joy of answering questions and (hopefully) helping people. I love the disparate bunch of personalities that make up the collective. I love the way it works.

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I love the chance to learn new things and to hone my wit and my writing skills. I have “met” some truly terrrific people here and some that I even consider real friends. Most of all, I think I have discovered things about myself and my personality that have enhanced my sense of self. It has made me a bolder, more confident person in RL (which may not always be considered a good thing by some!)

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Hey, someone had to do it.

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I have met some really great people on here who I know I will be friends with forever.

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I love Fluther. I like the theme, the awards are cool, and I really love meeting all the jellies. The answers allow me to see people with whom I want to connect, and I’ve connected with some great minds.

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I love Fluther! It’s my little oasis in the dry desert of housewifedom. I’ve seen some of the funniest, kindest, smartest, most helpful and most interesting stuff on here. I love Mr. J, I love the founders, I love the elder jellies and moderators, I love the clever little greetings, I love the color scheme, I love lurve, I love the awards, I love the profile layout, I love everyone’s avatars, I love the font, I love the fluther memes, I love the diversity, and I love the general nature of the beast.

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Fluther kept me sane during my breakdown around Christmas.
You guys gave me a feeling that someone cares if I’m alive or not.
The messages of support from complete strangers really helped me see that the world isn’t so bad after all.
Listening to some of the stories that other jellies have told has made me realize nothing in my life right now can compare to what some of you have gone through.
I think in some ways it’s made me a better person. I am completely fascinated by the world. I love hearing stories.. so of course I read the stories some of you tell and I’ll sit there and think about it for quite a while.

I really just want to take some of you and hug you for hours.

I’ve met some of the best people that I have ever met around here. Not surprising considering I’m in the middle of nowhere countryland a lot of the time.
My chat rats are the highlight of some of my days. Yes, you guys.
And even the ones who aren’t in chat very often, you should know who you are, I find to be amazing people. So naturally, when all of these amazing people start bickering and complaining, it’s upsetting. I adore you guys. Even if you are just little people living in my laptop sometimes.

You said no names, right? Hm. That might narrow down a story or two. Even though the two people I think of right away have a public superfriendship with me going on.

I named one of my new rabbits after a Flutherite! She is the sweetest, cuddliest, calmest, spunkiest rabbit I have ever met. Her personality is amazing, so right away I thought of one of my favorite Jellies, and named her after her.

Basically: I love Fluther.
I talk a lot.

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One more thing I really love about Fluther is that conservatives and liberals, atheists and deists are talking to each other here. Sure, we squabble and fuss, and occasionally come to (near) blows, but the level of our discourse is much more reasoned and nuanced here than almost anywhere else. It’s very hard in (at least) America today to find a forum where you are not just listening to your “own side” and I have been made to think through my positions much more clearly because of the cross-polination. Thank you all!

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Well, what I have to say about Fluther I wouldn’t classify as “awesome”. I tend to use that word in the literal sense. And although this site is far and away the best Q&A site out there it doesn’t fill me with awe.
Fluther is great mostly because of the way it’s run. We are regularly given the opportunity to contribute ideas on how it should be run and the Holy Fluther Trilogy really take that seriously. I feel as though I am more than just a user on Fluther but that I’m a part of the site itself. I’ve also met a lot of really great people here and that’s the driving force in me continuing to come back.
Aw, what the hell. Fluther is awesome!

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@AstroChuck Ain’t that just like a six year old? Make up your little mind.~

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It keys you in on other people’s life experiences and societal trends in general.

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It kept me sane wilst living in NZ, it helped me explain how 3D works to my little girl, it’s made me laugh, it’s amde me cry and it’s helped releive the boredom when trying to get y work done and I have no inspiration!! All in all lurving what it does for people and lurving the fact that there are so many different people on here from all walks of life!

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I love how people will help you out 24/7

I love how those who are experts in technology take the time and effort to help those who enlighten those who do not get it.

I love how friendships are made and kindrid spirits are found.

I have met some great people here.

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Fluther is groovy

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I have a great example:

I was getting ready to jump in the car to head to the airport. I was flying across country for an art exhibit and needed to bring a dvd of rotating artwork for a TV screen set up in the exhibit hall.

10 minutes before I have to leave I make the blood chilling discovery that my dvd only played on computers not other media.

I posted a desperate “hail mary” question on Fluther explaining everything I had done and what I needed.

Within 2 minutes I had directions.
Within 5 minutes I had downloaded a free program
Within 8 minutes I had burned the dvd in the correct format.
Within 10 minutes I was in the airport car with disc in hand thanking God for Fluther.

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I love how there are so many sincere, nice, and warm users in the community.

And the site always greets me so nicely!

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The people here are mostly knowledgable and friendly, charitable and fun. Mostly.
I love this site.

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The Fluther Inn

Always open.
Full of interesting and helpful people.
You always get to have your say in the conversations.
Some really good resident comedians.
Quite a few Wise Owls dispensing wisdom.
Great support readily available at times of need.
Excellent security staff.
And all with that local feel.

Drop by any time.

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Fluther helped me get through my Mom’s death. It has saved me a ton of cash (therapy). And, I lurve my fellow jellies.

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Aw, Chuckie. (pinches cheeks)

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@jjmah- Ouch! Hey, watch it! I’m a married jelly and those are the wrong set of cheeks. Just what kind of guy do you think I am?

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If Fluther could make me a cup of tea, I’d marry it.

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@jeanmay (wriggles eyebrows) If I make you a cup of tea, will you marry me?

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@janbb Tut, what would your sexy Bubby have to say about that.

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I am the sexy Bubby. What Jake would say is another question, but then he can’t talk yet!

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@janbb Hahaha!! I do apologise for my lack of reading skills! If you’re the sexy Bubby then I might consider matrimony, although I’m a firm believer in tea before marriage.

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You are so cute! Premarital tea works for me.

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@janbb Just let me check with my husband first…

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I’ll ask mine too. :-)

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Fluther, how do I lurve thee? Let me count the ways…

The clean look of the site and the ease of its navigation.
The chance to see things from many points of view… different cultures, ages, countries, political leanings, religions (and lack thereof)... all have something to contribute.
The chance to learn something new every day.
The feeling of helping someone.
The feeling of being helped.
Caring and being cared for.
The people.

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@augustlan If I could give you two GAs, I would!

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Oh no I missed Say SOmething Nice About Fluther Day by 12 mins!!! Oh well Im saying something anyway! Oh fluther how you always listen, and always know what to say. Thank you thank you for always being there for me.

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I would have left the internet entirely if I hadn’t found Fluther. An oasis of sanity in a wasteland of drivel.

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Time is relative on Fluther…

Fluther is nice!

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Fluther didn’t make me a cup of tea, but it did teach me a new way to make a cup of coffee! I’m a cold-brew convert.

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I spend hours on Fluther. (My husband says that he thinks there should be a “Fluther Anonymous”- admitting it is half the battle.)

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