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Is hacking for the well being of someone a good thing to do?

Asked by TogoldorMandar (544points) April 8th, 2010

I kinda messed up a site that my brother often visits( like every 10 min) So i said first to take it easy but he would’nt. so i messed up the site from interacting( like a pause ) now he is going al wild and so on. he is 3 years older than me.What should i do?

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You should fix whatever damage you did, and then ban yourself from the internet.

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Hacking into a web site is no different from breaking into a house. Send an email to the site’s webmaster, anonymously if you must, and tell them what you did. And hope LEA doesn’t find you.

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It’s never OK; you should be in jail.

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I didn’t hack that site only banned it from our Computer like blocking it.also it was a game like WoW he was getting crazy about that game paying almost 400 euro to play the game.
SO I NEVER HACKED THE SITE TO CRASH IT. i even send a letter to the admins that i was unplugging my IP and all from them for the moment and they said oke!!

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@TogoldorMandar , details like that are rather important…

What you describe isn’t hacking in the sense most of us understand. It’s a rather useful technique for getting rid of unwanted websites.

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You need to come clean and fix it.

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If you want to learn from hacking. Hack your own shit.

Start with your toaster.

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First of all, you’re not your brother’s keeper. It’s not your place to monitor how he spends his time or money. But with that said… if you think he’s getting into something dangerous or addictive or in some other way destructive (to himself or others) then you should tell someone who is in authority over your brother: namely, your parents.

Second, paybacks are hell. You may know more about the computer than your brother (at least in this one area of being able to block him and he hasn’t figured it out) ... but if he’s older than you and discovers that you’re the one between him and what he wants to do (legally) ... I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes on that day.

Come clean to your brother, remove the blocks, and be ready to run.

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If my wife could somehow prevent me from spending so much time on Fluther, she might.

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hacking is hacking. It’s bad, and it’s invasion of someone else’s property.

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I set it all back to normal and told my parents,
tnx for the advice. ill just behave next time. I still want to join the police force one day!

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I know my hubby would. He keeps threatening to cancel our internet service, but I know he’s not going to give up his band’s MySpace page. ^_^

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@Seek_Kolinahr what does your husband have against @filmfann‘s time spent in Fluther? That seems pretty darn controlling. Has he expressed any opinion about me yet?

I have only occasional and passing disagreements with him (@filmfann) myself, not even worth mentioning.

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@Seek_Kolinahr OMG, @CyanoticWasp is right! Does your husband know about us?

(by us I don’t mean me and @CyanoticWasp )

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I second that… @filmfann doesn’t mean him and me. We’re just friends.

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::facepalm:: Youse guys are knuckleheads. ^_^

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I resemble that remark!

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