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What is it like to have sex with a pregnant woman?

Asked by CMaz (26238points) April 8th, 2010

I have always want to experience sex with a pregnant woman.

Sadly, I might have missed that boat.

Men, what has it been like?
Ladies, good or bad experience?

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Laboured,although still hits the mark.

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If you’re asking what it feels like from the woman’s point of view (which seems to be the thrust ahem of the detailed question), then I obviously can’t help you. But the boldface question is easy enough to answer, if that’s what you want.

Edit: Ah, I missed the final questions. “Men, what has it been like?” Okay, I’ll get to that.

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I’ve never had the pleasure – but when I was pregnant myself, the sex was amazing because you feel everything so much more.

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@CyanoticWasp – What is it like to have sex with a pregnant woman?
Easy to understand.

So as man having sex with a pregnant woman. HE cant really express (explain) this, because HE is not a woman? ok…? :-)

@Simone_De_Beauvoir – From the individuals prospective. GA. :-)

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It was very difficult for my husband and me. There were two options. Spooning or oral. But my stomach was freaking gigantic. Still, it was very good and satisfying when we did do it. I had no complaints from my husband and his appetite didn’t fade at all.

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Have your gal tuck 1–2 pillows under a T-shirt and you will have your answer!

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At some point, considering that this is an ongoing relationship, neither of you knows it for certain. So in that case it’s just ”business pleasure as usual”.

But when she starts to show, well… then it becomes more frequent, which might seem paradoxical, but she demands it more. And at some point it becomes a matter of trying to find positions that work for you and minimize her discomfort—and she still demands it. (Thankfully.)

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@ChazMaz aww, you said individual – thank you

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It depends. Pregnancy is a long process so it changes along the way. It can become a bit awkward, positions have to change later in the process, but none of that was ever a real problem for me. I loved every minute of it, and the second time around my wife’s hormones made all sorts of different things turn her on. It was a wonderful adventure and fantastic in every way.

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Sometimes they aren’t actually pregnant until the next morning.

I have not had, nor had any desire to have sex with a pregnant women who was not carrying our child. There is nothing unusually erotic – to me – about pregnant women per se. There is something very special about a woman who is about to be a mother to your own child,

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For me as a woman, great. your horney as hell all the time.:) Or maybe im just always horney.

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I have never had sex with a pregnant woman, but I have been a pregnant woman having sex.
In the beginning it’s pretty much that same as always. Except perhaps some breast tenderness that might cause extra sensitivity. be careful there
Your sex drive usually increases during the second trimester, I’m not sure why, I always wondered if maybe I was trying to see if I was still as desirable as I had been before the tummy started growing. It seemed that I was ;)
Third trimester can get a little uncomfortable and ungainly. Doggy style or at least approaching from behind can help. Also, her on the edge of the bed you standing, or her hips up on a high throne of pillows can help get that tummy out of the way.

Oh I think maybe I have gotten off track here, not sure that I really answered the question.
Good experiences for me. It’s important to remain lovers, when you are becoming a parent.
There is plenty of stress in a pregnancy, I tried not to let sex be one of those stresses.

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I have no idea!...oh wait,let me sleep with Santa…that’s the closest I’ll ever get lol

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Ho Ho Ho!! (Do you need directions? Head north.)

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Only done that with my wife. It isn’t too much different, except there is a joy to it that is different than the usual joy.

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As a female who had sex throughout her preganacy it felt, just like sex… sorry!! I was pretty young and active so could manage most positions right up until the day before I gave birth, in fact, I tried the legs over his shoulders technique to try and get the labour started, it must have worked because just a few short hours later I was heading for labour!

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I thought there was a point where you have to stop having sex?

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@ChazMaz Nope, not as long as there are no other issues.

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@ChazMaz many women use sex as a way to induce labor.
I’m not sure how effective it is, but it does help to pass the time!

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@ChazMaz Totally had sex a couple of hours before I went into labor with Ark.

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you should get your SO to wrap a weight in pillows and stuff it up her shirt. Yes its weird, we’re all weird though.

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I could never orgasm from sex while pregnant, because we couldn’t get a good position. We could still go at it missionary, even at the end with my giant belly.
As the pregnant was a little more uncomfortable. And if my back hurt, then forget about it. lol Things felt more sensitive, and you’ve got the big boobs all over the place haha.

My husband said it never felt any different, other than a large belly blocking us from being against each other. And he said when the baby moved, it felt weird.

Oh, and with my first, it was definitely painful towards the end..because you get swollen down below for some crazy reason. Literally, the blood rushes down there and it is not always a pretty sight. Thank god for the big belly..I never wanted to see what my vagina looked like. Heck, I didn’t want to see it after giving birth either!

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My ex-husband said it “felt warmer and jucier.” Like a “warm hole”. I personally don’t recall a difference.

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@Sophief‘s answer was removed per user request.
@casheroo‘s answer had to be removed because it was a follow up to @Sophief‘s answer.

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It was ok, her breast were really sore so those were out of the equation and then her belly got in the way which required more effort. We didn’t really care for the experience. To try to get labor started though that was was fun she jerked me off while I used a vibrator/clit stimulator on her. BTW sexual stimulation releases oxytocin which is what induces labor, if they induce labor at a hospital they put women on an oxytocin drip, sex is more fun.

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