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Should there be a "popular" question category?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11439points) April 8th, 2010

A category based on the most active questions of the day could be fun.

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I like the idea, but there are already a LOT of categories!

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The “questions” and “discussions” categories could go away.

They’re basically the same thing. Remove two categories and replace it with one makes one less category. It simplifies while adding a new dynamic.

Seriously, how many people here click the “discussions” category? They just go to the front page like the rest of us.

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There should be a place where only the popular people can play, and the rest of the peasants have to serve us mixed drinks, while groveling.

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Fetch my drink then.

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I’ll have a Margarita…

Apparently the Meta is the most popular, as this is already in Meta and of course it is destined to be quite popular.

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@Captain_Fantasy I hate to say it, but you’re not in the popular people category. Only @dpworkin is at the moment. The rest of us must grovel. If we grovel enough, he might allow us to be table wenches.

And I’m telling you here and now—I’m going to be a table wench long before you are!

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@Chuckie You are a “gentleman to boot” for sure!

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That would be the question to avoid simply because of the time it takes to load. After 20–30 responses, it gets so sloooow.

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Sure, why not?

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That’s somewhat how Frostcloud and Philosophyforum do it. Questions at the top of the list are the ones with the latest answers. So there could be a new question sitting right next to an old question. It definitely prevents the same questions from being asked over and over again.

Their home pages list between 15–20 categories. Hundreds of questions within each category. But only the one with the latest answer for each category is abbreviated with user name on the home page.

I actually like it. It prevents having to surf through a plethora of “Is he going to leave me” questions.

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