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Which conspiracy theories, if any, holds the most intrigue for you?

Asked by ucme (46641points) April 9th, 2010

Wacky, cuckoo scenarios more or less instigated by an over zealous inquiring mind,that’s a gimme.However, is there one just maybe that has some semblance of mystique, enough perhaps to warrant a second glance that you would say possibly has some merit?

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All the 911 “theories” are great. Loose Change is a good one.

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The death of President Kennedy. there is no way the “magic bullet” created the damage that the investigators are trying to make us believe.

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Having just watched Loose Change, I find the 9/11 conspiracy theories to be extremely interesting. Don’t buy them at all, but that doesn’t mean they’re not interesting.

The one that I really don’t understand is the Roswell conspiracy theory. I haven’t done a whole lot of research into it and while I don’t really believe aliens hit earth in 1947, something more was going on than what the government said was going on.

I also find anything involving Area 51 to be interesting. Why is it so secretive?

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What intrigues me about conspiracy theories is how people are so quick to adopt such flawed notions.

That’s not to say that there’s no such thing as conspiracies which there clearly are since all it takes is two people to make a conspiracy, but some these wide reaching ones that supposedly involve shadow government, secret societies, aliens and other science fiction are just completely unbelievable.

I’ll save some of you some time by saying that all the major 9/11 conspiracy theories are bogus.

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I agree with @john65pennington… Lee Harvey Oswald obviously didn’t do all the damage… and there is no way on earth that one bullet killed Kennedy and then waited 3 seconds before hitting the Governor in the front seat.
Also, Kennedy was hit from a shot in front of the vehicle (fired from the railroad overpass) and he was hit from the side (that shot blew half his head off).

And another event/conspiracy: why was there no crater in front of the Oklahoma Building When the guy blew it up with the fertilizer?

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My favourite is Roswell.
One of the major arguments against conspiracies is that “governments can not keep secrets”.
Oh yes they can. The manhatten project was kept secret. Mogul was kept secret. And can anyone here tell us exactly what is currently being developed in the US’ Black Projects? Probably not.

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TV has a way of putting ideas into the viewers head, and some how convinces them these ideas are derived from their own individual thought. When you watch TV, your brain goes into a “stoned” like state, the areas involved in critical thinking and decision making are inhibited….basically your a bit of a zombie for a while. Ever wonder why TV ads work so well? This is scary because nearly every house hold has at least one TV, and we all watch the same bullshit.

Basically the government uses TV to get away with a lot more than what they should.

I dont see this as a conspiracy theory though, I see it as common sense.
I haven’t owned a TV for 3 years…I still know whats going in the world, through good old fashioned reading.


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I just heard one about how George ‘Poppy’ Bush had a hand in the Kennedy assassination due to how Jack’s handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis messed up some serious oil profits for the young Bush and his buddies. Supposedly, Bush was at the White House on the 23rd, making sure that Lyndon was gonna play ball, or some overheated fever dream shite. :/ And George Bush was in the CIA then! Duh duh duuuuuunnnnnn!

I looked at the guy who told me this and I said, “Dude. Seriously?”

I just shake my head. Jack Kennedy’s death is an evergreen topic.

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If you ever have the chance to visit Dallas and the site where President Kennedy was assisinated, you will understand my answer. my wife and kids visited the site and its just unbelievable that the investigators could ever believe the American public would believe their interpretation of how the killing occured. the 8×10 black and white photos of the attack are breath taking and tell it all.

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there’s got to be such a thing as aliens! though i don’t get into the conspiracy theories on the subject cause it freaks me out!! even if i’m wearing my tinfoil helmet. (KIDDING!!!)

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Is Lyndon Johnson the missing link in the killing of our president? after being sworn into office, how many oil fields did he purchase in Mexico?

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@john65pennington The Kenedy assassination in ‘63 was a coup d’etat. As such, Johnson was undoubtedly in on it.
Apparently there were many in on it. Hoover hated Bobby and when he wasn’t wearing dresses he was probably in on it. JFK was cheating on Jackie with a girlfriend of a mobster (was it Marilyn Monroe?) and so the mafia may have been in om it. The CIA was made to look like fools in the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and so they may have been in on it. JFK planned to have the US presence in Nam completely ended by 1965 and so the weapons manufacturers and the military may have been in on it.
It was well planned and coordinated. Did you know that the Secret Service pulled all of his protection away just before the motorcade reached Dealey Plaza? The Secret Service driver actually slowed the limo to a crawl during the shooting, while Zapruder was filming it all.
Most of the kids reading this will have no clue what we are talking about, other have seeing the Oliver Stone movie.

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This is my favorite.

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My favorite has to be free energy suppression – special interest groups within the government are sitting on advanced technology that would end our dependence on fossil fuels (and put a stop to world hunger and end drastically reduce pollution) due to the staggering amount of money and control they would lose. It’s the most believable for me because I totally wouldn’t put it past the government to do such a thing…greedy bastards.

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I really want to know what has happened (and still happens) at Area 51.

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