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Will licking authentic jade cause your tongue to go numb?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25184points) June 12th, 2011

I was flipping through the channels on TV this morning and I caught a small bit of a local show, and there was a woman talking about buying jade jewelry. When explaining tips for spotting fake jade she said that real jade would cause your tongue to go numb if you lick it. I can’t seem to find anything online verifying this… but maybe a jelly knows. Is this true? And if so… why?

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I have never ever heard that and it sounds like bollacks.

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I can’t seem to find a single shred of information online that says the same. It isn’t like I got the information from a reputable source, but when she said that on the TV show this morning I was really curious.

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I cannot find any indication that this is true.

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This is the only saying for real authenticity about jade is as follows:
“Jade when placed on the cheek will feel cool”
the reason is imitation jade was sometimes plastic and jade is a type of quartz and would feel cooler than the plastic.

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Yes @Tropical_Willie

One of the things I bought a bunch of in asia last year were these wonderful, solid jade facial massage rollers. They are soooo wonderful!

The have a raw jade handle and a jade roller and they feel so cold to the touch. You run them over your face and eyes and they are so cooling and refreshing.

I bought about 6 of them to give to friends. Everyone loves them!

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When I was in China, many years back, I bought a few Jade Chopsticks.
I have never used them, but I can’t imagine using a chopstick if it is going to numb your mouth while you are eating.

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@filmfann That’s a great mental image. :D

I have never heard of this either. Maybe they should have the Mythbusters test it. It would be funny to watch Adam Savage’s tongue go numb!

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That’s really interesting. I have a small, old jade Buddha carving and when I hold it, I swear my hand and arm tingles and pulses. I’ve had friends try and they say the same thing (power of suggestion maybe). I’ve never licked it. Would that be disrespectful?

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Ok. I had to try it, having been reassured that Buddha is not a God (could only bring myself to lick the back of the figure, fellating any icon would be wrong) ... I swear, my tongue is still numb. I’m serious and this jade has been authenticated.
Don’t try to sell me any Florida Real Estate right now. I’m highly suggestible.

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No shit! I was just thinking maybe I talked myself into it so I tried it again on the inside of my bottom lip. Numb as novacain and it’s lasting a few minutes.

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Fluther is awesome. Google definitely was not providing this information, I couldn’t find anything that said anything even remotely close to this. And here the lady on TV this morning wasn’t full of crap.
Thanks for experimenting, @Blueroses, that’s neat. Now I want to know why.

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I don’t know. I repeated it again because I am a skeptic. It worked again. I think you could ascribe some spiritual meaning to it, but I wonder if jade has a property like alum?

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@Blueroses but if you could ascribe a spiritual meaning to it, wouldn’t it be easier to Google?
How very interesting. Now I want to try, but I don’t own anything made of jade.

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just tried it on a nondescript piece of jade and it still works. The numbing property seems to be real. I’m trying it on other stones too and telling myself that this quartz or malachite or pyrite will numb my tongue. The jade actually does. I’ll be damned.

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Apparently Google does not know everything. Fancy that.

I feel like we have just made a fantastic discovery! :)

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It is funny. My friends know I love stones and they give me a lot. I’m comparing now, unpolished to polished to carved… There is one that my friend told me was jade but it doesn’t pass the lick test :) I’m thinking it’s a green jasper. The fact that I’m licking all my rocks might stop people from picking them up :)

I’m actually convinced about this myth. It genuinely works. Just licked the real stuff again in a blind “taste test”. It really does go numb! How exciting! Now I know how to pick out the real shit.

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You might want to be a bit discreet in your licking. I imagine there are quite a few shop owners who might take exception if you go on a licking spree in their shops. Also, since you are not completely certain about what you are licking, you could be picking up some nasty stuff.

Be careful.

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Yes. @snowberry you don’t want to go licking up everything in a shop. I was thinking about carrying an alcohol wipe for before and after tasting rocks.

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I think you need to give it a whirl and determine that by trial and error.

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Licked my jade pendant. Nothing happened.
Calling bullshit.

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Well, I have a piece that is a pendant also and it has a polish on it. It is authenticated as jade but no numbing from licking. I do think raw jade has an alum property; dries out the mucous membrane or sucks out moisture. I have so many different “jade” pieces that this is a fascinating experiment. Some work… my lip is numb right now… and some do not.

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