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Have you ever stopped yourself from crossing over to the darkside,is there a thin line between being a fan and being pityful ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) April 10th, 2010

I enjoy watching the TV show “Frasier”.
One day,I was bored and decided to go to an online forum and see if some discrepancies in the show were addressed ,,,{how come,he has a 4 hour talk show at a AM radio station but he can afford the lifestyle of a millionaire,etc,etc}
I not only got my answers but much more,,,,,there was a guy there who had created professional quality blueprints and a floor plan of Frasier’s apt,some others had written detailed stories and biographies of secondary characters {How Daphne ended up in Seattle,Roz entire life story,what they did when they were not being portrait in the show’s story}
Then I realized “WTF” am I doing here,these people need to get a life and to make things worst,I’m actually spending time ready this cr*p !
Are hardcore Sci-Fi fans that obsessed as well ?
Have you ever come across this type of people in real life ?

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Yep. Many times they are fun, either to mock or learn from. Either way. Look at the people who speak Klingon (and look at the published Klingon dictionaries.)

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I like the doggie…

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Oh god yes….. have you never seen pictures of sci-fi conventions. I haven’t gone entirely crazy in this way. However, I do have a thing for getting slightly obsessed with the bad guy. Last one was Heath Ledger’s The Joker…. I even bourght a replica pair of gloves :)
I also love Jason Voorhees….. such a cool dude!

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