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If you ever been to a Casino,did you have an overall favorable experience ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4655points) April 10th, 2010

I’m currently in an area with several casinos near by and all their advertising shows people ecstatic holding fistfuls of money they won.
(* Yes,I know it is advertising and they’re trying to bring in business) but it made me wondered: how many people truly end up having a blast and go back home with more money that they came.

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I’ve never had the pleasure dubious as that may be.I wouldn’t mind sampling the atmosphere maybe once, but there are those who casino’s bleed dry.Always been that way always will unfortunately.

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I’ve been a few times and enjoyed myself. Personally, I don’t go to win I go to have a nice time with friends. Play some games, relax at the hotel and just enjoy myself. Maybe catch a show.

A lot of people that go to ‘win big’ end up having a good or horrible time depending on if they won any money or not. Seems like a waste of time. If I want to be guaranteed winning money I’ll go to work.

Better, I feel, to go and enjoy the sights, have a nice dinner and just soak up the atmosphere.

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Done a little bit of gambling, never really won big.

But I do have some good advice for you:
1:Black Jack is the only mathematically beatable game in a casino
2:Set a spending limit for the day and don’t take any cash other than that

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“having a blast” is not necessarily synonymous with “go back home with more money than they came”.

I’ve been to a casino twice. It was fun. I enjoyed myself. I did not come back with more money than I brought. On the contrary, before I went, I took out exactly as much money as I was willing to lose (about $60), and then left my ATM card in the car before I walked in the door. I lost all of it. So what? I effectively paid $60 for a night out with my friends, playing games and having drinks. It was worth it.

If you go to a casino expecting to win, or “needing” to win in order to enjoy yourself, you’re going for the wrong reason, and you’re going to be miserable.

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I agree totally with @MrItty

I played a low limit poker tournament in Vegas, might as well have played with my cards turned face side up, but i went in with the attitude that “this is money lost anyhow, im only here to have fun. I’m paying $20 for two hours of entertainment and it’s probably cheaper and healthier than drinking booze”, and I had fun.

So i suggest you consider any money you put in as lost, spending money. Don’t go in there and expect to win anything, the entire idea of the casino is to separate you from your money. Just pay for the experience and you will have a good time :)

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I’ve had a good time at casinos and came home with less!
It’s who you’re with that counts :)

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I know that my grandfather got a royal flush at the casino here many years ago, and I know a couple of men who did very well on the blackjack scene * cough *. As long as you don’t expect to make back your losses and realise that those guys with fistfuls of money are probably professionals, there’s nothing stopping you from having a good night out.

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I went once, for the experience. Had a lot of fun, won about 80 bucks and left. That was many, many years ago – and I haven’t been since.

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Wife and i go once every month. we are sent so many comps that its hard to turn some of their offers down. like free hotel room, free food, money to spend and so on.

I am a believer that a few people are lucky and the remainder are not. based over a years time, we generally come out ahead on winnings. casino winnings have paid for four sets of tires for our cars, bought two baby beds, new carpet throughout our house, new flatscreen television, wii game and many other essentials. we have been blessed and we know it.

The biggest jackpot i have ever hit at a casino was for $9,720.00 cash. we mailed $8,000.00 home in the form of a cashiers check. this was to keep temptation down and to pay for maybe a new roof. we have always applied our winnings to a project for the house or the cars.

Is now a good time to visit a casino? sure. by law, casinos have to have a certain payout limit each day. casinos have whats called a “lucky block”. this means that one day is separated into 8 hour blocks. morning, afternoon and night. each winning block is the time the slot machines will pay more than the other two blocks. you just have to figure out which is the winning block for that 24 hours.

We do have our gaming limits.

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I’m not a gambler per se, I can usually turn $20.00 into about $75.00 pretty fast which is good enough for Friday Night Buffet in the nicer restaurants.

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I’ve been and it’s just not my thing. I went and played some games. There were some high points. I didn’t lose a bunch of money. I won about $100 last time I went and called it good. I’ll probably go again at some point

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I’ve always found it to be fun. I don’t take more money in than I’m willing to lose.

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I once had a client who was a blackjack dealer….both he and his wife. In our first meeting he said this to me: If you come to see me often enough, I will take every dime you have and your house and everything you own.”

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“how many people truly end up having a blast and go back home with more money that they came.”
If the vast majority of people didn’t walk out of a casino with less money than they walked in with, casinos wouldn’t be in business.

I’m a big fan of Vegas and have won money at poker a few times, but only a crazy person expects to walk out of a casino with cash, especially if they’re playing a game that has nothing to do with skill. You can get one of those little cards that says the house odds per game, and really, casinos are set up to help people loose money.
Not to say you can’t have a blast loosing your money though!

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