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What is it like to have the same birthday (or close) as an immediate family member?

Asked by ParaParaYukiko (6111points) April 10th, 2010

My baby niece, born this past fall, happened to be born two days before her mother’s (my sister’s) birthday. When my sister turned 24 two days after giving birth to her daughter, she considered little Avia the best birthday gift she could get.

However, my parents tell me that my sister often used to get jealous of me as a child since my birthday came before hers, although I am two years younger – I was born in September, she in October. I think she was mostly angry about losing the special attention involved with birthdays, especially now that she was no longer an only child.

So I’m wondering, what will it be like for my sister and her daughter with birthdays spaced only 2 days apart? For those jellies who have experienced something like this (either with a parent, child or sibling), was it difficult for you to have to share the attention on your birthday? Parents, is it annoying to have to spend your birthday time making plans for your child’s party (a stressful event for many parents, I’m sure)? Or does having such a close birthday create a bond between the two that is different from other people?

I’d love to hear what you all have to say, since the time when my niece understands the concept birthdays is still pretty far away.

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My ex-husband and I shared the same birthdate. It was fun having to celebrate the day with him. I always made sure that the day was more about him than me though. He needed more attention than I did.

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My daughter and I are one day apart. I guess it depends on your family tradition. No one made a fuss over my birthday after I turned 12. Dinner out and a single gift were it. My birthday became less important because I was more interested in celebrating my child’s birthday and making it special.

My daughters were never jealous of each other’s birthday, nor did the other get a gift on their sibling’s birthday. That’s a bad habit to start. Rather, they were involved in the creation and execution of their sibling’s party; being part of creating the celebration was was stressed as important as being the center of attention.

My daughter and I had a joint party when she turned 21 and I turned 50. After she turned 18, we make a point of celebrating our birthday together every year.

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I share a birthday with Jesus (well, close. We’re two days apart). He might as well have been a family member. Only he got all the attention. Jerk.

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My grandpa and I were two days apart and always looked forward to celebrating together if we could since we were each other’s favorite people. My partner and I are one day apart which is also fun to celebrate together.

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My sisters are 2 days apart. My brother and I are 4 days apart. My daughter has the same birthday as her uncle. My family is full of them, and there is no jealousy anywhere.

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My half brother has his bithday 2 days before mine, but we grew up apart so it didn’t cause any problems. We both think its funny. But idk what it would be like if we had to live together. If the two ppl get along, they could throw their birthday-party together!

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My mother and her sister each had their youngest child on the oldest’s birthday—just a coincidence, I suppose. I was born on my brother’s 9th birthday. We didn’t necessarily celebrate together, however, given our age difference. It wasn’t that big a deal.

It’s up to parents to choose how and when to make a child feel special.

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I share my mother’s birthday. It was always special for us, like we had a little secret club or something. Now that she is gone, those moments are all the more precious.

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One of my sons was born two days before my birthday, one five days after.
It makes no difference to me, because I don’t pay much attention to my own birthday. It is probably a bigger deal to them that theirs are so close.

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I think that when you get older, those things to tend to bother you anymore. Depending on the age difference, we still get different presents anyway, so I won’t have anything to be jealous of

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I had the same day as my grandfather, he in 1921, me in 1969.

It didn’t mean much, though, because I only saw him a grand total of maybe 6 times. He died in February 1979, the year I was supposed to spend the summer with him and my grandmother.

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Also, there’s the fact that in a family gathering of 24 or more people, there’s a greater than 50% chance that two or more people will share the same birthday. The number seems too low but it’s true.

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My oldest was born 4 days before my birthday. But I think not celebrating my bday is due to being a parent and not him. We do like to throw a party for him tho so we’re usually tired from all that work for a while lol

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It’s a lot different if sharing a birthday with someone is all you’ve ever known. For a person who is used to having her princess day all to herself suddenly has to share, it can be a deal breaker.

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Well, my sister’s birthday is about a week and a half before mine, and my dad’s is two days before mine.

Never bothered me. It’s my mom who’s bummed that she’s the only one in the family who wasn’t born in November.

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Oops – I meant to say 23 not 24

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