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Great nintendo DS games for artist who hates realistic violence and adores puzzle games?

Asked by delirium (13691points) March 9th, 2008

To explain: I just bought a nintendo DS lite ten minutes ago for a trip I have in a week. 11 hours in a car. I am probably the most picky person ever about games. I like things to be artistically of good quality, and like them to be full of puzzles. To note: I love the myst games, but they’re too short. I’ve played, and beat, every kings quest game ever. I love those “escape the room” online games, although they’re always too short. One of my favorite games of all time was Dreamfall.
I HATE sport games. I HATE things like mortal combat. I HATE scary games.

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Trace Memory

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Picross is supposed to be amazing. Either that or Professor Layton. Both are puzzle games and are, if you believe reviews, extremely entertaining. Trace Memory was good also.

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I did already buy professor layton. It looked adorable. I loved the style of animation on it, too.

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I plan on picking it up at some point. My gaming fix is satisfied at the moment with Smash Brothers Brawl however. :D

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picross, proffesor Layton, brain age 2, big brain academy

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Ok this isn’t a game, but really helpful. Buy the Opera DS Browser so you can surf the web through wi-fi. Internet always stops the bordom. Or try the MAX media dock which let’s you load on games, movies, and music on your DS. Any other questions just ask!

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Hmm.. That is tempting. Internet to kick the ass of ennui is always good, but I do have my iphone for that.

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I would also recoment Kirby: canvas curse. While it is a more traditional game, it is a unique artistic and fun one.

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I know it’s too late, but I hear Puzzle Quest is very good, it’s like a mix of RPG games and puzzle games like Bejeweled. My friend just got it and says its awesome.

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