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Are baseball games more fun when you skip work to see them?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) April 10th, 2010 from iPhone

Substitute baseball for your favorite sport.

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I’d say so. I don’t even like watching baseball, but when I have skipped work to go to a game, I’ve had a lot of fun.

I think it might fall under the same category as the Peanut butter sandwiches that taste better when someone else makes it for you.

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Playing truant always adds flavour.

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For me it’s not because I have to worry about f**k-ups that may happen at work that should be under my control. I would rather plan on watching a game on my own time with 3 of my friends.

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No they are not because I am too worried about getting caught and losing my job.

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A friend of mine parked his work truck at a train station, and took the train to the ballgame while on company time. While he was there, he ran into one of my company’s engineers, who was also skipping work. they nodded to each other.
The engineer then high-tailed it back to his office, signed himself out for part of the day, and called my friend’s boss to rat him out. What a dick.

To answer your question (I sometimes get around to that), I would be too nervous not being where I was supposed to be. I have done similar things in the past, and just couldn’t get into them, knowing I was playing with my carreer.

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That would depend on how you get paid. Salary=more fun. Wages = less fun.

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Well than it is more like passion

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Wrigley Field had no lights until 1988, there were no night games. That was one complaint when they were installed, “What fun is a Cubs game if you don’t have to play hooky?”

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Everything’s more fun when you do it at a time when you would normally be working. You don’t have to skip work—it can be a legitimate vacation day or comp time—but just knowing your peers are working and you are free is like the syrup to your pancakes.

Now that I’m retired, I feel like that every day! It hasn’t worn off yet after six months.

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A dozen years ago, I am watching a movie in a theater, and this guy taps me on the shouder and asks me to step outside. I walk behind 3 guys, wondering if the cops are going to make an arrest in the theater, and they turn around, and look past me. “Where’d he go?” says one.
I told them I was the one they tapped, and another starts laughing. “Got the wrong guy!” says another. They walk back into the theater, and one yelled “He just went out the back door!”
These weren’t cops. These were company managers trying to find an employee.

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Aw. like Ferris Bueller at the Cubs game. Totally.

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