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What is the best way to deal with mailbox bashers?

Asked by Rangie (3661points) April 10th, 2010

My neighbor has had his mailbox bashed with a baseball bat or something like that. What would be the best deterrent for the basher.

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Build your mailbox out of concrete.

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The only thing that stopped my friends and I from playing mailbox baseball was when people would build those brick house type things around their mailboxes.
Plastic mailboxes (the thick rubbermaid type ones) are usually a good deterrent as well.

If your neighborhood has the space, you could talk to the post office about grouping the mailboxes together.

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Seconded on the tougher mailbox.
A mailbox on a post is low hanging fruit for a car that has a passenger with a baseball bat.

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A professor of mine told us a story about how he had to replace a mailbox a week due to some bored kids. Finally getting sick of it, he bought a Rubbermade mailbox, and filled the thing with cement. A few days later he found one of the mailbox smasher unconscious in his front yard, it looked like the bat had bounced off the mailbox back into the kids head.

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@RocketSquid whoa, that would deter the entire city of kids. I hope the owner of the mailbox didn’t get in trouble. You know these days the people protecting their property often get in more trouble than the perpetrator.

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great answers, I will relay this to my neighbor. He is a fragile old man and can’t really afford to keep replacing it.

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You guys gave me an idea. What if you put your mailbox on a post with a big spring near the bottom of the post. Then when they hit it, it will come back up and smack them. lol

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Lay in wait with a rifle. Kneecapping the bastard might solve your neighbor’s problems.

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@rahm_sahriv lol, I don’t think so. However, I am a very good shot myself.

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I would have a impact sensor in the mailbox, and when the mailbox is hit, it would trigger an air cannon that would shoot home made napalm at the people. Just take a bunch of gas, and add styrofoam, keep adding it until it won’t dissolve any more. NAPALM!

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@XOIIO Now that sounds drastic for a little ole mailbox.

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Yeah, but it would stop the mail bashers.

Besides, incidiary rounds are illegal

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@XOIIO it sure would stop that one.

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A camera positioned so it can capture the license plate or the person doing the bashing. Trip to the cop shop, file a complaint and sit back and wait. Messing with a mailbox is no small thing, the coppers are taking it very serious these days, what with the rise in mail and identity theft.

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@Silhouette I just happen to have a security system. Maybe I will loan it to him for a while. I don’t seem to have that problem. I am in a house, but there is a 4plex next door, and my mail box is grouped with theirs in a US Postal box. They don’t seem to ever touch that. Great solution, thanks Silhouette.

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@Rangie You’re welcome.

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@Silhouette good answer, but make a copy to take to the post master of the local post office as well. Post office boxes are by law federal property. Messing with one will get you Federal prison time.

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@WestRiverrat Thanks, can you imagine sitting in a federal prison for tearing a mailbox to pieces? Embarrassing


A 22 calibre rifle. Lol. Just kidding.
Nah, a BB gun and a good shot to the buttocks would be a much better option! That will teach them a lesson!

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have the 22, but no BB. I don’t know if my neighbor sees well enough. hey have you heard of those bullets that have no powder, and make a sound like a soda pop can opening?

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set up a video cam.

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definitely going to set up the video. Thanks :)

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Ya i saw that on t.v it worked out well. they caught the little suckers

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@rahm_sahriv Great answer…very funny too

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I got one. Make the mailbox out of cardboard. Put a big plastic bowl of green dye in it. When they hit it, the dye will go all over them and their car. Nobody gets hurt, but most likely they will have some explaining to do.

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Load a new one with fire works, get a long fuse/remote detonator and keep watch.

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I was thinking nitroglycerine myself. Either that or just hook the fireworks to a mercury switch or similar motion sensor thus automating the process.

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@jerv hehe, have you ever spent much time around nitroglycerine? wow, what a headache. I use to help my husband on some of his blasting jobs, until I just could’t be around it anymore. If you didn’t blow their head off, you would certainly make them wish you had.

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