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I must know the song at the beginning of a certain video...

Asked by HeroicZach (195points) April 10th, 2010

I’m not a huge fan of this Phil Vassar guy, but I was off to his concert and I decided to watch a few videos first, you know, to check things out. I found this video, and there’s a sample of a song at the very beginning. I remember it distinctly from a long time ago. It’s been bothering me not knowing what that song is – can you help me please? Thanks!

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Life in Technicolor – Coldplay

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@lawlipop I did some googling, is there a difference between “Life in Technicolor” and “Life in Technicolor II”?

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@HeroicZach There are some differences, yeah. Life in Technicolor is instrumental, while Life in Technicolor II is not.

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