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Do I have some strange allergy?

Asked by lawlipop (433points) April 10th, 2010

Every time I eat or drink anything containing dairy, my ears itch. Well, not really itch. What it feels like is that there’s a bunch of wax in my ears, but when I go to clean them, there’s nothing.

It also makes my throat feel strange, but I’m not sure if there’s a connection there.

I dunno, it’s weird. And it’s driving me insane. Am I allergic to milk, or do I have some sort of condition? Help?

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If you do have an allergy and your throat is perhaps swelling up, it would be totally normal for you to feel it in your ears (eustachean tubes) since they’re connected.

Definitely see a doctor about this. There’s general lactose intolerance which mostly affects your stomach, but if this is in your throat, I wouldn’t screw around. A serious allergic reaction that causes your throat to swell could be fatal.

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I am severely allergic to milk…anaphylactic shock results when I drink milk. An itchy throat could indicate some minor swelling, which is how anaphylaxis begins.

While your condition doesn’t seem serious, I would call your insurance company or do a google search and find an allergist in your area – they are qualified to judge these things. They’ll do a skin test where they make a really tiny opening in your skin (painless) and drop in isolated milk protein (casein, whey) and milk sugar (lactose) – if you get a welt or itchiness there, then you’re allergic to that specific ingredient of milk. I myself am allergic to casein and whey, but not lactose.

Regardless, this is not lactose intolerance – that is a purely digestive condition where you cannot digest lactose, and no symptoms are felt outside of the GI tract.

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@HeroicZach I do go to an allergist, because I have a bunch of allergies. I get shots for them. But I’ll have to ask them next time I go if they tested me for milk ingredients. But yeah, I had a feeling that this wasn’t related to lactose.

I’ll talk to my allergist, see what they say, and then decide what to do from there. Thank you.

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Imay think you do have some allergy!

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Are you lactose intolerant?
Only a Doctor can test you. Preferably an allergy Doctor.

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@philosopher I don’t think I am lactose intolerant. That usually gives you an upset stomach, which never happens to me.

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You need an Allergy Doctor.

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@lawlipop I agree with those above who say you are having an allergic reaction. It might be a contact dermatitis even. You swallow the milk and it slightly inflames your thoat and surrounding areas, and that is why you kind of feel it in your ears also. Or it could be a classic allergic response that simply cases swelling. Allergies tend to get worse, because your body becomes better at recognizing what it sees as the “invader” and sends out more histamine response faster each time. This why some people might have a mild allergic reaction to a bee sting, and then by the third or forth bee sting in their life it can be life threatening.

I think you should see an allergist. Lactose intolerance is different from what you have. You most likely have an allergy to specific proteins in cow’s milk I am guessing Here is the wikipedia

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