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Have you seen 15-year-old Cassie Lindsay? She's been missing since Thursday.

Asked by hearkat (22837points) April 11th, 2010 from iPhone

Her mother is the friend of a friend, and is understandably distraught.

Please help spread the word – especially to those in the Mid-Atlantic… for more information.

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Can you give us more information on this missing child?

Did the police make a report? does this child qualify for the Amber Alert?

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There is more info on the web page…
Last seen at Manchester High School in Central NJ; may be trying to get to Virginia, where her mother lives. Her cell phone was left at home.

There is no proof that she’s been abducted, and thus she does not qualify for Amber Alert.

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hearkat. okay. thanks for the comeback. i will visit the web page.

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I have just finished reading the wed page. a few questions: has she done this before? what was taking place, before she left or ran away? her mother lives in Virginia? who is she living with now in New Jersey? are her clothes missing? does she have a credit or debit card?

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I don’t know the family personally. In the comments the mother stated that the custody agreement has her with her father, but that she’d made comments about going to see her mother to friends. It also said that she was last seen at her High School, and it is not known whether she has run away or been taken. All I know us what’s on the mither’s blog from the past few days.

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Thanks hearkat. she could also be hiding with some of her high school friends. children generally do not run away, unless there is a serious problem at their home or their surroundings. has anymone called her mother?

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You should have asked this question with very distorted grammar and spelling and used words like frizzer and volcano.

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HaHaHaHaHa! Cute one, @Fred931

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Cassie is SAFE!!!

Apparently someone recognized her from having seen the story on the web… so thanks to all who helped spread the word!

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