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I need another name for my character?

Asked by Flair (59points) April 11th, 2010

She’s a rich snob by the name of Lanelle Goldstein, but I think another first name is in order. Do you guys have any suggestions for a better first name? Thanks!

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Alotta Goldstein,well you did say she was rich.

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Is she jewish? or just married to a jewish guy? She could be named after her grandmother or something and you could give her a real ‘Old Testament’ name. Jemimah, Naomi, Abigail, Leah… Rebecca. I like Jemimah, because it reminds me of that British model married to that Pakistani cricketer, Imran Khan.

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Sarah is Hebrew for “Princess”.
But the best would be something that everyone associates with a top shelf product or concepts, like:
Tiffany, Mercedes, Silvia, Luxia, Amber, Jules (think Jewels), Chrystal.

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Sister Ophelia

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Terrian. Natasha. Abigail. Sophia. Fallon. Jacqueline. Sheridan.

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Violette, Rochelle, Juliette, Amelie.

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Farrah, Raquel, Allison, Amanda, Adelle, Stephanie, Phoebe, Sarah, Lena, Elizabeth, Irene, Elaine, Helene, Rebecca, Judith, Andrea, Leigh, Jill, Maris, Reggie, Shari, Suzanne, Susan, Gayle, Deborah.

Shari Goldstein is my favorite I think. Said with a NY accent. LOL. Emphasis on the a.

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I like Cher as @Zen_Again suggested also. And, I knew someone who named her daughter Chanel, but she wasn’t Jewish.

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Bianca, Stella, Liezl/Liesl, Elena, Lara.

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I’m gonna go with Pdworkin. Pdworkin Goldstein.

With a name like that she’d have to be rich, wouldn’t she?

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Rebecca, Elizabeth, Giselle, Alexandra.

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What’s wrong with Lanelle? To me it sounds appropriate for the character, even though, of course, nobody knows when we’re born what we’re going to be like.

I can’t picture rich snobs naming their daughters after popular celebrities, but maybe they would.

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@Jeruba We really don’t have enough info.

@Flair Was she born rich, married rich, or became rich on her own? Born Jewish, married Jewish, had a Jewish father? Was she born in 1920, 1950, 1980? All of these things would affect he name I think. When my mom wanted to name my sister Shannon my family had a fit. A woman who worked with me was very unhappy her son named his daughter Savannah, not because she does not like the name, but because in her words, “what Jewish girl is given the name Savannah?”. Since the character is Goldstein, if she was born over 40 years ago, she most likely would not have what would be considered a very goy name. But, of course anything is possible.

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@JLeslie‘s right. Age would matter in naming, and also if she inherited money or married it.

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More details? Ok!

So far, I have her down as the descendant of Prussian nobles, how fled to France because of a “scandalous situation.” A century later (late 1800’s), the main branch of the Goldsteins migrated to Boston, USA. The family fortune was kept alive by wise investments and so forth. In the present day, they live in California, quite lazily I might add. Lanelle goes to a private high school and flaunts her ancestry/wealth – but is currently frustrated at her lack of progress with her peers.

Does that help?

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So in what year was she born, and where, and what were her parents trying to say in choosing the name they gave her?

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She was born in 1992 in California (17 – a July birthday). Her dad liked the sound of “Lanelle,” and her mother took pride in the fact that one of the root names – Lana – is German (thus honoring their “noble” heritage). Basically, Lanelle was named Lanelle because of the sound and German connection.

I now realize most parents name for sound rather than meaning or origins. Also, her parents seem more likely to name her something they find elegant and classy (and rare) rather than sound being a main driving factor in name choice.

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Is that what you think most parents do? I don’t.

Here are the 500 most popular names given in the U.S. in 1992.

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That makes her 18.

I would be about the age of her parents. Among my friends that come the closest to fitting the “family profile”, the daughters named Lara, Dorian, Miriam (Mimi), Rella, Elana, and Tracy.

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@Jeruba I read it in an old baby name book of mine – but comparing to other sources seems wise.

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Rebeccah. Why is the last name Jewish?

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@Jeruba that’s 50, not 500.

Princess Aurora is the name of Sleeping Beauty
Aurora was the greek goddess of the dawn.
Au, the first two letters of Aurora, are the chemical symbol for Gold, a tribute to her Goldstein family name.

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@thriftymaid According to one of my sources, the name is also German.

Not very obvious, I assume.

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Ah, well, the link didn’t show what I saw. From the main page you can select the year and how many names you want to see.

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@Flair It is a Jewish name with roots in Germany. Is your character Jewish? That is really what I meant. I suggested Rebeccah as a first name because it is beautiful name.

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I suppose @Jeruba‘s link will give you some degree of confidence in an official government ranking of name popularity… but this graphic viewer is a lot more fun to use:

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@Flair Goldstein is pretty Jewish. You can’t get much more Jewish than that. It even says it on your link. If there are Germans who used the name who were not Jewish, which is possible, they most likely did not immigrate to America, because in America it is very Jewish.

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You might ask Mattbrowne or Ragingloli, our resident Germans here on fluther.

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