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I had a weird dream last night. Any help interpretating it?

Asked by Draconess25 (4448points) April 12th, 2010

I had this dream last night….

I was out fishing on a deserted pier, apparantly trying to catch some fish as pets. I think they might’ve been trout…. They kept dying as soon as I took them out of the water. When I tried to scoop out some water in a bucket (for the fishies), they whole lake turned into dried mud. It was rather gloomy outside.

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Let’s break this down, one part at a time:

I was out fishing on a deserted pier…
This represents singularity. It can mean loneliness, but more likely represents a recent feeling of being “out on a limb” of some sort..the feeling of “going it alone” without the support of others.
The water represents purity of intentions in regard to something or a desire to be cleansed from a recent (or ongoing) detachment or embarrassment.

trying to catch some fish as pets…
The fish are people in your life. The people are fish because of people who seem to be slippery, lack humanity, and are hard to get your hands on.
This last point is re-enforced by your desire to have the fish as pets. Think about the difference between what some random dog represents and what a dog that is your pet represents. In the case of a dog it would represent a desire for more loyalty in your life. In the case of fish, they represent a desire to connect to people who are generally non-responsive and seem detached, not cuddly or warm.

They kept dying as soon as I took them out of the water…
The fish dying is an extension of the last sentence above. You desire connection and are frustrated by their lack of responsiveness. Your desire to have them as a pet is the equivalent to desiring a deeper relationship. Since they are fish, this is impossible.

When I tried to scoop out some water in a bucket…they whole lake turned into dried mud…
Consider what the lake represented to begin with “a desire to be cleansed from the feeling of detachment or embarrassment.”

I hope this helps.

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Are you continuously trying to do something in waking life, and are beginning to feel that there is no hope in trying?

To me the “fishing” could mean anything from trying to find a significant other, to trying to get ahead at work….something that you work on and work on, and sometimes you feel like you have succeeded and then it is taken away from you again…...

Have you been feeling lately that there is no hope at all anymore? (the lake drying up).....and that you should completely give up.

As this would be a dark feeling, that is why the dream would be gloomy.

Just a guess.

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Thanks! Do you people do this for a living?!

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Thanks. No, I don’t interpret dreams for a living. However, I have been in the habit of interpreting my own dreams as a part of life for 20 years. It started with the death of my wife and has been deeply therapeutic for me.

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@davidk Oh….I’m very sorry to hear that.

You’re interpretation makes sense. I just started a polyamorous relationship with my 2 best friends from high school. Neither of them have ever been in a relationship before, so it’s kind of awkward….my grandma & I aren’t really on the same page, & yeah…...

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You seem to be trying to capture something that has to be free. Every time you catch a fish, it dies. Perhaps the dream is showing you that you have to let go of whatever it is you are trying to capture.

This theme is magnified exponentially when you try to get some water in the bucket. You don’t just kill a fish, you kill an entire ecosystem. Whatever it is you are trying to control, the dream is telling you to give up trying to control that. Controlling it leads to the death of that you are trying to control.

Does that have any relevance in your life?

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Well clearly this dream means that very soon your goldfish which lives in your milk carton will be no more.

I am sorry to be the barer of bad news.

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^^ It would be even sadder to be the bearer. No one wants a nude messenger.

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Making trout into pets would be weird. So you are trying to make something unusual work. Your not sure how to go about it and it keeps drying out. (not working out)
Basically its about failure.

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