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Have you ever dreamt from a perspective other than your own, such as an alter ego or personality?

Asked by kevbo (25644points) July 20th, 2010 from iPhone

About a week ago, I had a fairly terrifying dream. Nothing bad happened (in fact, nothing much happened), but I began the dream lumbering down my street from an old neighborhood pretty much exactly like the most derelict and disgusting homeless person one could imagine and whose mind has been mashed into paste. I scared some mommy whose kids happened to be right in my path, and I was mumbling crazy shit to nobody in particular. Upon reaching my “home” and family/relatives, I reverted to something just like an inconsolable two year old who just wants to go home. I was on the floor in full body sobbing for a long stretch of minutes (over wanting everyone to stay home instead of going out as they had planned) and woke up breathing similarly. When I woke up, I had a moment of having to remember that that person wasn’t me, and it really freaked me out.

I’ve never dreamt that way before. Have you? Any insight?

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Dreams are strange and often nonsensical things. I had a dream that I was solider who was escorting civilians away from some disaster that was happening in a tunnel. I remember turning and firing my weapon into the dark while a bunch of people and other soldiers shouted. I climbed up a ladder and leaned down to pull a little girl out of the tunnel and fired a few more times into the dark. Apparently there was something horrible down there but I never saw what it was.

That was the only dream I’ve had where I wasn’t myself. All my other dreams are typically lucid, recurring, and occur within the same locations.

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I’ve had crazy dreams too. Sometimes dreams reflect things that bother your subconscious. Sometimes they don’t mean anything.

Maybe you should think for a few minutes about whether or not anything is bothering you. From what you described, it seems like you might be having a hard time to accept something that’s changed from the past.

If nothing is bothering you, just think of it as a bad dream and move on.

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I once dreamt that I was Kimberly from Power Rangers. Someone abandoned me in some kinda park during the night and I was wearing a dress with floral patterns on it. Moonlight and a lamppost were shining on me.

I’m not sure what the hell that’s supposed to mean.

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I had a dream one time that I was a male detective who accidentally shot an innocent person to death, while in a grocery store.

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I’ve been the devil in my dreams.

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Wow, that one was strange. I’ve dreamed numerous times I was a female. I’ve had a few dreams where I could fly, an ability my real persona sadly lacks. But it was the most glorious, thrilling sensation in the dream. No arm flapping or anything, I could just rise up into the air and soar around at will. I could deliberately step off a tall building and walk on the air.

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This is a great question, and my answer is yes, I’ve dreamed many times I was somebody else, though there always seemed to be an awareness that I was also myself. I once read—and it makes a lot of sense to me—that we are actually everybody in our dreams, I’ve also read that you can’t experience death in your dreams because death is unknowable. I don’t agree. I think you can dream about anything you can imagine.

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My dream alter ego has no stress.

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I have had many dreams wherein I’m just another character and/or the dream is like a film and I’m watching as a bystander.

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I used to dream I was Kelly (Jacelyn Smith) on Charlies’ Angels
It was a recurring scenario in my dreams, sometimes we’d be on a boat (all three of us Angels), or I’d be driving a car chasing someone down narrow streets in some exotic locale (I was in elementary school at the time) it was ME, but I was Kelly on Charlie’s Angels, gun and all!

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@MissA Me too. Weird, huh?

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@Austinlad I most definitely dreamed once that I died. I had the classics reported out-of-body expreience floating up and looking at my dead body. It was only when it began to rapidly decay and bones started showing through that I suddenly realized bodies don’t decompose in such a short time, and that snapped me awake.

The best theory to date is that dreams are the brain playing. If that’s true, you can dream anything that your brain is capable of imagining. Imagination thankfully is not limited to only that which you have actually experienced. If it were, I could never have my dreams of flying either.

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This is a pretty good question and I don’t think that I have ever has such a drastic change in perspective. I have a tendency to forget bad dreams and the dream that I have had most frequently was that I was running down the hill in my old neighbor hood and the faster I ran, the less my feet touched the ground. Eventually I picked up so much speed that I became airborne. I had aerial views of my house, over the woods behind my house to the highway below. I would swoop down on the cars and race them. Eventually I would fly up through the clouds and slowly spiral down to my front yard. I was always disappointed when I woke up. I remember, when I was a kid, and tried to take off in real life. I did manage some long strides but never got lift off.

Ironically, I had that dream, probably initiated by pain killers, while in the hospital after an accident that severed my Achilles tendon.

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@Ron_C It’s an amazing feeling when you get to soaring, isn’t it?

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yep!, too bad it doesn’t work that way in real life. The ride in Epcot Center called “Soarin’ ” comes close to the feeling.

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