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Is mac OS X Leopard really buggy?

Asked by Theotherkid (889points) March 10th, 2008

Can I still operate imovie, garageband, photoshop, itunes, mail, safari, and other applications with ease? Are there any major bugs?

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Less buggy than Tiger. Works great for me. I think it is the best release yet.

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Depends on who you ask. I run Leopard on both a 4-year-old Powerbook and a 1-year-old iMac, and both run it without problems. You should not have any problems running the applications you mentioned.

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I waited until 10.5.2 came out. So far I haven’t had any problems. And I use all the programs you mention.

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10.5.2 is great. Sure less buggy! I advice you to upgrade.

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Running 10.5.2 on an 800MHz iMac (less than minimum specs)... and it’s actually faster in many ways than Tiger. Not sure why they spec’d it out that way. Runs great!

The new Leopard features are worth the upgrade for sure.

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I upgrade my 10.4 to 10.5 and it was a complete disaster with lots of freeze, app crashing and more. Do a clean install and it will work fine !

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Um… I hope this isn’t a stupid question but…What’s a clean install?

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It is when you format your hard drive and reinstall the operating system and all your applications and files.

I just did the upgrade and it was smooth.

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I upgraded my fairly new MacBook and haven’t had any problems. I like it more than Tiger. At work I’m stuck on Tiger because I need to test web pages on both Safari 2 and 3 (Safari 2 doesn’t run on Leopard).

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My Powerbook G4 ran it just fine. I did a clean install from get go – I never “update” operating systems (quirk of mine). It has run fine and you will not see issues with the iLife or iWork packages. Especially those.

Issues may pop up with connectivity that used to work perfectly in Tiger, but it was never anything to be too frustrated about…

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Leopard has been the most buggy release of OSX from my personal experience. I get freezes waking up from apple’s screensaver, and other weird random things. I even did a clean install. That said, I know I won’t go back to Tiger, cause the benefits far outweigh the occasional problem. And it’s exponentially better than XP and Vista. I have no experience with Linux though, so I can’t make any intelligent comments about that.

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