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Is there a keyboard shortcut in safari to close tabs?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2551points) October 6th, 2008

cmd+w closes the window, cmd+shift+[ switches between tabs, so is there one to close tabs?

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apple + w closes tab

apple + shift + [ switches

basically if on a pc you use CMD on a mac use APPLE

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(If you have more than one tab open, the keyboard shortcut is shown next to the Close Tab menu entry on the file menu.)

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uhm, bri, on the windows thingy you use Ctrl, because Cmd is the Apple key (or the Clover)

Cmd Shift W closes the entire window

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Sorry, I meant control

Great catch!!!!

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+W all the way

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@wilhel1812: Just FYI, that apple character displays nicely on my Mac, but not on Windows XP – there it’s a funky box of various descriptions, depending on which browser I view the page in. Still cool though. :)

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i  that symbol

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I hate how there is no love for that character on windows

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well, it’s always been like that, we can read NTFS, they can’t read HFS, we can run windows, they can’t run Mac OS, etc. etc.

we should feel sorry for them if anything…

and now we wait for the first windows fanboy, what’ll it be? incompatible ? hight price ? only for graphics

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@iwamoto: not Windows-y enough. :)

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i know it won’t display on windows, but if you use windows you won’t need the shortcut key for the mac ;) I  how it only displays on mac

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@wilhel: What? One of the greatest things about the Mac has been that it always has had keyboard shortcuts for everything you can click. It’s called two-handed computing.

And I feel sorry for all of the Winders boxes out there who don’t have a cool Apple key!

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I guess i messed up my words lol.
What i meant is that the mac shortcut (+W) won’t be helpful for a windows user ;)
sorry for that.

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@wilhel: AH! Good!

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what is the unicode number for that window char?

I must know…

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It looks great :)

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don’t overdo it rookie ;)

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I don’t have a Windows box. Or that key on my keyboard.

It’s not a Windows vs. Mac, it’s the Apple hardware vs. the Non-Apple hardware. Sigh.

What is the symbol by the way? I can see this ”” I’ve no idea whether that’s the right symbol or not, or just a different interpretation on behalf of Ubuntu.

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Well, if you have a mac you will se an apple symbol here: 

And it’s absolutely not all about the hardware… It’s that, and the software and the profile of Apple Inc.

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The key on the keyboard is hardware, the actual symbol displaying is a software thing, I see that.

Ah, so I would see the little Apple…apple I guess, I can’t see it sadly, all I see is three lines. :)

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don’t forget to eat your taters

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