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Why do I only have sneezing fits around math teachers & their classrooms?

Asked by Draconess25 (4448points) April 13th, 2010

First of all, I have nothing against math teachers personally. I think teachers in general are great for having the patience to put up with ignorant brats! That said, math has never been my strong point….

The sneezing started in 7th grade. Once, my math teacher at the time started counting a few sneezes in. I sneezed over 30 times! Even now, when I visit my old teachers, I start sneezing around the math teachers.

Am I just allergic to math?

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That’s a really weird allergy. I hope you figure it out! :)

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Maybe if they ADDED some decent air conditioning that would TAKE AWAY your MULTIPLE sneezing before it creates DIVISION in the classroom. Best SUMS it up for me.

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Could it be the perfume or after-shave they wear?

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What makes a math classroom special? Is there more chalk in the air and on the teacher? Do you squint excessively because you’re thinking so hard? Some people sneeze from squinting- odd yet true.

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OP: Does your classrooms still use blackboards/chalk? I would suspect that maths teachers use the blackboards much more than other teachers from personal experience.

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@Ame_Evil When I was in school, they used markers for the most part. Only my Biology teacher (she hated me) ever used chalk.

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@ucme Actually, air-conditioning makes my sneezing worse….

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Could be an allergy to calculator oil.

I expect you just have a learned body reaction from some circumstance in the past, that’s associated in your brain with math teachers.

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Maybe you’re allergic to math! JK. It sounds like you’re allergic to something that the teacher is wearing (i.e. perfume) or something in the room (like the paint on the walls).

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@Ame_Evil nailed it. Chalk allergy

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Another idea… maybe the math books are stored differently or are older?


The math germs are multiplying at an alarming rate! Egads.

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Its their old mothball suits and their old mothball classrooms causing your problem.

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@filmfann I thought I didn’t nail it? Hmm

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Yes, that’s it.

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